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Star Wars Clone and Troopers Set(50/50)(complete-please move to Finished Sets)


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This set is not yet complete. It will be soon. I know I have bad OCG. Some pics are bad because they are from the movie, and had bad quality, but they are the best I could find. Commander Neyo's is a picture with a different picture as a background. Their attributes represent their specialty.




The pack is called Star Wars: The Clone Army. Its kinda hard to see.


[spoiler=Imperial Troopers]170467em6.jpg170467vo8.jpg170467co2.jpg

The biker scout is at 1900 ATK because i made the card as if the bike is part of the monster.



[spoiler=Republic Clones]170467wt9.jpg

When this card is summoned sucessfully, you may summon one card with "Clone Ship" in its name from your hand. Once per turn, you may equip this card to one card with "Clone Ship" in its name as an Equip Spell Card OR change it back to a monster in face up defense position.





[spoiler=Republic Ships]20qrzs.png

This card must be summoned in face up defense position, or it is destroyed. This card may not attack or change positions unless

equipped with one "Clone Pilot". This card may be equipped with one "Clone Pilot" each turn(Max. 3). This card gains 650 ATK for each Clone Pilot attached to it.


[spoiler=Clone Commanders]eb7aq8.png

I have both the holoed and unholoed versions of Neyo. Part of the holoing obscures his helmet, so I just want to provide the original image.






[spoiler=List of cards in this series coming soon.]

They're all done! Hooray!!!



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My new booster pack:


Its the updated version. Again, it and all my holoing are done by ShinyBlade and other workers in his shop.


Bearwith me here. I use some old OCG, not the newest advance summon, releasing, etc.


[spoiler=Clone Commanders]24zhkqr.jpg





yes, I know my MagnaGuard probably has OCG errors.


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New ones. Again, some pictures are from google images, and some are two google pics that I combined. Credit will always be the same with these unless I say otherwise. Here they are:


[spoiler=Clone Commanders]170467xl7.jpg


[spoiler=Spell and Trap]170467xz4.jpg170467ct9.jpg

Yes, I know there is already a card called reinforcements. This one is different though.


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We're over halfway there. Just 20 more cards to go. Same image credit By the way, sorry for the not-so-good Super Battle Droid and Kashyyyk Trooper images. Those are some that I made myself, because do you know how hard it is to get a good image of those guys?








[spoiler=Magic and Trap]170467js6.jpg


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