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First Dark Synchro


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Here it is...Please rate and comment...



Effect:1 non-Tuner monster- 1 Dark Tuner monster

In order to Special Summon this card, subtract the Level of a Dark Tuner monster from the Level of 1 other monster you control; the value must equal the Level of this card.Once per turn you can change the attribute of this card. If theres a monster(s) on the field of the same attribute pay 1000 life points to destroy those monter(s).

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Guest TheFinalFan


I'm a big fan of Dark Synchros, and I hope that they will be included as part of the YCM program....

But, in the mean time, I get to see awesome homemade Dark Synchro Monsters!

Keep it up!



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Sorry, but hte pic has been used too many times. The effect makes it kinda, plain in my opinion. I see some potential in you. I hope you can make better cards. Also, when sasukechidori58 said the pic was blurry, I was sure that he meant the whole card itself, because I do see some of the card to have some blurry spots aswell. And for the holoing part, you mislayered it, because I can see some of the holosheet off the picture itself. However, in shorter terms, here is my grading response:


Name: 10/20

(The name should be a bit more original, try using a name from a different language.)


OCG & Effect: 15/20

(Pretty good OCG, except, the effect could be a bit more broad.)


Picture: 9/20

(Kind of blurry, I mean the whole card aswell, since it takes time to holo this kind of babies, and the monster pic as well. It was overused, but not many people have used it recently, but it was kinda overused at the time.)


Originality: 9/20

(The effect of changing its Attribute follows a monster in the game that can do that. Also, destroying a monster(s), paying 1000 Life Points to destroy all monster on their field is a bit bad. I would suggest maybe to destroy all monster on their field, I would suggest 500 Life Points per monster.)


Holoing: 10/20

(The holoing was pretty good at parts, but some of the sheet came off, which I can say is pretty hard to tell if you have bad eyes, or just odn't notice those kind of things. Also, the holoing doesn't look like a holo, it almost looks like it's raining, but that's a different stroy. I would suggest different pictures and different holos, and expirement with them first before posting them onto a thread.)


Well, all of those points have been stated. Oh, wait, I almost forgot the grade: 53/100 = 5.3/10.

I suggest you use my information to help you in the future.


~The Enrise of Darkness

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