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Kreate (The RP based on your thoughts!)


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Kreate is a world of people's thoughts. Think of something and it's there!

But.... Now there is word that The Evil Overlord Damaloracus is plotting to destroy our good king.


Application form:

Character name:

Character Appearance:

Character's City/Town/Village/E.T.C:

Description of the City/Town/Village/E.T.C:

Powers (up to 3):

Mother (Can be anyone/anything from anywhere):

Father(Can be anyone/anything from anywhere):

Bio (Optional):

Pet (Optional):

Weapons (Optional):

Evil Person/Thing/Creature in your City/Town/Village/E.T.C:


My Application Form:

Character name: Khaos

Character Appearance: 20654-8011-3ww-l.jpg with a face like this 66686-SHOOP_DA_WHOOP_SVG_TEMPLATE_by_Trudets.jpeg

Character's City/Town/Village/E.T.C: Snotown

Description of the City/Town/Village/E.T.C: Friendly people, covered with snow, lots of jobs

Powers (up to 3): Heat Vision, Flame Punch, Blazing Run

Mother (Can be anyone/anything from anywhere): A talking Pen

Father(Can be anyone/anything from anywhere): A talking Pencil

Bio (Optional): Khaos born from a Pen and a Pencil, was an outcast. Nobody loved him, not even his parents, but now he learned that he has "Powers" He can stop the evil snowman now!! He has Fire Powers!!! and after the Snowman its the Overlord!!

Pet (Optional): Eraser

Weapons (Optional): Flammable Ink XD

Evil Person/Thing/Creature in your City/Town/Village/E.T.C: The_Evil_Snowman_by_Beloved_Creature.jpg

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Character Name: Kyle Studdard

Character Appearance: He wears a black hooded jacket & black pants, & the hood's up all the time

Character's City/Town/Village: New York, New York, U.S.A

Description: It's the biggest city in the U.S.A

Powers: Super Sonic Voice, Super Speed

Mother: *Made Up* Maria Studdard

Father: *Made Up* Christian Studdard

Bio: Kyle is Ruben Studdard's younger brother, but he has a talent he wanted to share with Ruben on American Idol, but his voice was loud enough to be heard without a mic in the stage. Though his voice is beautiful, it's too loud when he sings. He got put in this world by Damaloracus as a puppet, but he broke free of Damaloracus's strings.

Pet: Will, his Great Dane

Weapons: A mic, & a stereo system(His voice is like a Siren's, you lure them in with your beautiful voice, & once they get too close, they get blasted away)

Evil Person: Ruben, Damaloracus's current puppet for Kyle

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Application form:

Character name:rjoury bosa

Character Appearance:red shorts go don to knees,black shirt gos to knees,blak wooden sandals,red cap

Character's City/Town/Village/E.T.C: Keco

Description of the City/Town/Village/E.T.C: small,in sky,no buildings

Powers (up to 3):flying,can create tornados,can control animals

Mother (Can be anyone/anything from anywhere): good thunder

Father(Can be anyone/anything from anywhere): good lightning

Bio (Optional):

Pet (Optional): cloud

Weapons (Optional): sword,kunai,shuriken

Evil Person/Thing/Creature in your City/Town/Village/E.T.C: evil lighnting and evil lighting minnions

plze accept me and start

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I wanna join, great idea for a rp :P

Application form:

Character name:Neo

Character Appearance:wears green and black

Character's City/Town/Village/E.T.C:Tropikal Island

Description of the City/Town/Village/E.T.C:Many animals and very beutiful, many vocanoes and beaches, also lots and lots of trees and plants

Powers (up to 3):can talk to animals,ability to control time,and can shoot neon green fire

Mother (Can be anyone/anything from anywhere):? (died when neo was 4)

Father(Can be anyone/anything from anywhere):? (died when neo was 4)

Bio (Optional):

Pet (Optional):Wink the Weasel

Weapons (Optional):Neon Green Lazer Sword,Animal device (calls animals from anywere in the world)

Evil Person/Thing/Creature in your City/Town/Village/E.T.C: Green neon Volcanoe monster

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Tell me if there's any thing wrong.


Application form:

Character name:Himura Kenshin

Character Appearance:[spoiler=Character]128019392_0073c07c90.jpg?v=0


Character's City/Town/Village/E.T.C:Sword Town

Description of the City/Town/Village/E.T.C:Village of swordsmen bad and good big town old style

Powers (up to 3):can jump Super High, is Super strong, and has super speed

Mother (Can be anyone/anything from anywhere):Laura Kindly

Father(Can be anyone/anything from anywhere):John Kenshin

Bio (Optional):Strong swords men really smart and can adapt quickly

Pet (Optional):Dog named Sagara

Weapons (Optional):Katana

Evil Person/Thing/Creature in your City/Town/Village/E.T.C:Shishio kima

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OOC: sorry didn't see that post and OK I'll go


Himura is walking to his sword Dojo where he teaches kids to use a sword and defend themselves

once he gets there all the kids greet him and Himura starts teaching them.Later after class Himura was walking one of his students home when a thug comes out of nowhere

Thug*Hey gimme your money and that sword

Thug holds up a dagger

Himura*Look young one this is what your training is for

Himura pulls out his sword

the thug lunges at him Himura with his Super Speed doges the attack easily and slashes the thug with the dull end of his sword so he doesn't kill him

Himura*See young one that is what you use yours swords it is

Himura finishes walking him home and he starts walking to his home.

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rjoury wuz @ his little cloud in his little village when it started to rain "whoops looks like i got to move again" *rjoury takes his stuff and flies over to another cloud right beside his old one and unpackes* "cloud sweet cloud" *he felt right at home since all clouds feel teh same* "hmmmmm i wonder if anythings goin on in town" *he flew over to town and so teh cutest little cloud pet* "ohhhhhh it looks just like horse" *walks over to it* "come on,come here" *the cloud flew over to him* "u seem to like me...i think ill call u cloud" *looks at cloud* "well teh names not very original but it fits right in" *looks at his house (teh cloud he moved to) "cmon lets go" *gos over to his cloud with his cloud pet*

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As Khaos was walking to school, he realized that all his life he has used a pencil, when he was a pencil as well, Khaos didnt use his pencil that day, he used himself but that will be one of the most important things he has ever done. After he turned in the paper the ink began to catch on fire



Khaos: HOLY 541T!!!

Khaos quickly tried to punch the teacher so she would get knocked out and she wouldnt suffer as much but as he was punching his hands turned to fire.


Teacher: WTF MAN!!! OMFG!!!!!

Khaos: .. >.<

Khaos just ran leaving a trail of fire behind him catching the whole school on fire, after the fire was over, Khaos saw his best friend Ohcid

Khaos looked over at Ochid and said "HEY ARE YOU HURT"

Then suddenly 89453 Degree Lazars Flew out of Khaos's eyes and blew up Ochid


Khaos: God F%(king Damn1t


Khaos went back home, just another school day

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