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Zombe dck


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[3]Book Of Life

[2]Allure of Darkness

[2]Foolish Burial

[1]Burial from a Different Dimension

[1]Card of Safe Return

[1]Lightning Vortex

[1]Card Destruction

[1]Brain Control

[1]Giant Trunade

[1]Heavy Storm

[1]Monster Reborn

[1]Smashing Ground



[3] Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

[3] Threatening Roar

[1] Crush Card Virus



[1]Dark Armed Dragon

[1]Plaguespreader Zombie

[1]Gorz the Emissary of Darkness


[2]Goblin Zombie

[2]Castle of Dark Illusion

[3]Pyramid Turtle

[3]Zombie Master

[3]Bone Crusher

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-3 Upstarts

+3 Zombie Worlds


3 reckless' date=' are you desperate for crummy draw power?



That entire post made me laugh.


@TC: Don't ever take advice from this guy. Though your deck definitely still needs a lot of work I am going to go ahead and guess you are on a budget.

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Castles eh? That's actually not a bad idea. I'd like to see PWWBs in here though' date=' most Zombies like being discarded. ;)


Maybe -1 Dustshoot -3 Reckless for +3 PWWB and +1 Torrential? Just a thought. You've also got 43 cards and the ZOmbie Worlds don't serve much of a purpose, might neg them.



Thanks for the tips. fix

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