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tell me what you think of my water deck


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trap cards

aqua chorus

jar of greed (super rare)

draning shield (RARE)

trap hole (super rare)

negate attack (RARE)

call of the haunted (ultra rare)

compulsory evacuation device (RARE)

fire darts (RARE)

mirror force (ultra rare)

fiend comedian

sakuretsu armor

secrets of the gallant

rivalry of warlords


Spell cards


mystical space typhoon


heavy storm

lightning vortex

monster reborn (ultra rare)

clock tower prison (super rare)

premature burial

twin swords of flashing light-tryce

giant trunade (RARE)

nitro unit (RARE)

lucky iron axe (ultra rare)

swords of reveling light (ultra rare)

brain control (super rare)


effect monsters

hydrogeddon x2

creeping doom manta x2

unshaven angler

cannonball spear shellfish

nightmare penguin x2

star boy x2 (RARE)

barrier statue of the torrent

mother grizzly (RARE)

morphing jar #2 (RARE)

deepsea macrotrema (RARE)


normal monsters


7 colored fish x3

terrorking salmon

sea serpent warrior of darkness

forstosaurus (RARE)

spirl serpent (RARE)

cool deck you got there

pleas fell free tp leave a post

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