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Contest of Epic Ultimacy [Round 2/4] Started! No Longer Accepting! Post Your Cards!


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1st Place - 3 Reps and 50 points

2nd Place - 20 points

3rd Place - 10 points




[spoiler=Fee and Contestants]

The entry fee is 5 points.


1. Kadashi

2. megadriver

3. The Wolf

4. X-31 Fighter

5. kieran morris

6. Batteryman AAA

7. Nitemare452

8. dorgeismydog







1. Me





[spoiler=Round 1 In/Out]

Kadashi - Out

megadriver - In

X-31 Fighter - In

The Wolf - In

kieran morris - Out

Batteryman AAA - In

Nitemare452 - In

dorgeismydog - In



PM me for scores



Round 1: The war of elements has nearly begun and the Army of FIRE is attacking early. It's your job to help them by making a FIRE Pyro-type card.


Round 2: The forces of WIND are angered by the treachery of FIRE, you will create a WIND Winged Beast-type to assist them in assaulting the traitorous forces of FIRE.


Round 3:


Round 4:

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Im game, points being sent


Here is mine


[spoiler=Effect]This Card cannot be Normal Summoned or set, it can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 2 Fire-Type Monsters from your Graveyard. During your Standby Phase remove from play 1 Fire-Type monster in your Graveyard to keep this monster in play (not optional), if you cannot pay, this Card is destroyed and this Cards controller takes 1000 points of damage.


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Im in, paying now




If there is a monster on your opponent's side of the field and there are no monsters on your side of the field, you can Special Summon this card from your hand. If this card is destroyed and sent to your graveard, during your next standby phase you can add this card to your hand and skip your draw phase.

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Sorry I forgot, looks like I get to use one of my old cards.




When this card destroys a monster by battle, you can send this card to the Graveyard. If this card is sent to the Graveyard by this effect of this card, activate the following effect: both players Special Summon 1 Level 3 or lower monster from their hand in face-up Defense Position. During the 3rd Standby Phase after you activated this effect, remove all monsters on the field from play. Inflict 400 damage to both players for each WATER, LIGHT or FIRE monsters removed from play by effect of this card.

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