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My Elemental Heroes - Will Be Updated Periodically

Flash Flyer - Sakura

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Please enjoy these Elemental Hero cards.


Only ones I've made so far.


Elemental Hero Sakura - Zariyari

Elemental Hero Naruto

Elemental Hero Naruto - Kyubi Form

Elemental Hero Sasuke

Elemental Hero Sasuke - Curse Mark

Elemental Hero Kakashi

Elemental Hero Leo

Elemental Hero Luna


And YES, I have made the cards needed to summon Naruto and Sasuke in their evolved forms.


Only reason Sakura has Zariyari after her name is so I can distinguish her and my other Elemental Hero Sakura - Itarashi. I will make that hero, too and post it up!




All picture credit goes to Yugioh Wikia and wherever on the internet I found the pics.


NO, I haven't copied anyone's cards since I don't know what your cards are (for most of ya)

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Well there are EXCEPTIONS to that rule.


Remember, Squad 7 (Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke, Kakashi) have chakra power, so they're genetically adapted with skills.


I personally don't like American comic heroes, so I chose to go with anime heroes/characters.




The normal monsters are kinda weak, but that's how the other vanilla heroes are.


I will have equip cards for them anyway

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Well then I'll gripe about how the images are stretched/squished/overall messed up :)


How is kakashi a fusion?


Well blame the site for squishing my pics. Yes, Naruto looks squished in pics.



I made Kakashi a fusion because he is the teacher and his 3 students (with their combined skill) could equal his strength.


He CAN summon back his team, ya know!

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Not all of them have armor on, exception of Wildheart + fusions.



Ya know, Neos doesn't have any armor on, in fact he has no clothes on at all!

Terra Firma/Inferno have no clothes on either



All the bigger heroes have armor or something. The smaller ones have regular clothes on, basis of my heroes.

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... I hate all Heroes. There, I said it, now, for an unbiased evaluation.

... Their underpowered. Seriously, the Vanilla's are underpowered. Particularly Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura. Raise their stats or drop a level.

Oh, and for Kakashi, Fusion Monsters don't have a empty line between their Fusion Materials and their effect. Also, add his lore underneath. I can't even begin to read that.

OCG error on Elemental Hero Naruto - Kyubi Mode. He reads "This card can only be summoned by tributing...". It should read "This Monster cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This Monster can be Special Summoned by Releasing 1 face-up 'Elemental Hero Naruto' equipped with 'Kyubi Power' that you control." And so on.

I'll give you an A for effort, but a C for implementation. Don't be disheartened, keep trying.

P.S. If you want the Naruto characters to be Elemental Hero's that badly, and everyone keeps annoying you over it, just give them the following effect.

"This Monster is treated as if it had "Elemental Hero" in its name."

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I thought Elemental Heroes were supposed to be Elementally-Adapted superheroes. You know' date=' like the classic ones. Batman, Superman, etc. The cards are OK, but the vanillas are a little UPed.



An abomination unto the elemental hero name. ELEMENTAL HEROES not elemental ninjas lol. Nice try though' date=' as long as your doing your own thing.



Can I also explain the Elemental Heroes are usually in full armor with the exception of Wildheart and his fusions? XD



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wow, your sure getting a lot of dark critisism huh?

chin up, If anything id make Sakura a light or earth type.


dont see her as a fire or the same as sasuke.

And as for attack and def, its too low.


Make them either lower level, or increase attack.

Level 3 monsters can have 1700 attack, that's the strong ones.


Keep it up, not bad!

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