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elemental heroes. !!!!!!!!!MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!


r dae good?  

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  1. 1. r dae good?

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To be honest I didnt like any of them except Aqua Shard

-- Im not going to be rude like some people are im just gonna say

what I think can be Improved

1. Other Then Aqua Shard the pictures arnt very high quality or dont fir

2. I think Aqua Shards DEF is a little high and ATK a little low I think to make it more like

a real Elemental hero you should put ATK 2300 DEF 1900 I think that would make it a little more realistic

3. Other then Elemental hero flare dancer i think the names were a little uncreative


Im sorry im not usualy this mean

5/10 please rate my cards (sorry about the ocg)

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Guest PikaPerson01

Fire Mammal:

Only use is to pick out a terrible card that no decent deck would main.


Aqua Shard:

As useful as Millenium Shield


Aqua Flame:



Flare Dancer:



Purple Hands:

It's a Vanilla.


Space Woman:

Odd, illogical effect. Eh, probably the best card of the set, but that's not saying much.

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