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Pokemon FanFic // Rated PG-16 [Chapter 3 Released]


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Warning: The Following FanFic is rated PG-16 for Language, Violence, Blood and Gore, some Sexual Prefrences, and Horror.




Okay, this thread will be used for my FanFic:


Pokemon: Ancient


Welcome to Pokemon: Ancient the FanFic.

Please Rate what you think on the Poll, I'll be updating as much as possible. Hopefully I can get this big.




Oh and keep your eyes on the Opening and Ending Themes. Every 5 Chapters there WILL be new ones.




[spoiler=Main Characters]

[spoiler=Fuji Oujo]

Age: 13

Personality: Fuji is just an ordinary 13 year old. He is hyper and always happy. He gets emotional easy, but he just wants to make friends.

Alignment: Good

Pokemon: Treeko



[spoiler=Ito Nami]

Age: 16

Personality: He is actually a pretty arrogant person. He isn't mean like people think, but he comes off as it. He is actually very caring, he is just a strict person. He has his goals and he shoots for them, keeping strict with his Pokemon.

Alignment: Neutral

Pokemon: Chimchar



[spoiler=Stephanie McPhilleas]

Age: 13

Personality: She is a born artist, and loves to paint and draw. She is also really caring about abandoned or injured Pokémon.

Alignment: Good

Pokemon: Riolu, Skitty, Makuhita, Smeargle

Stephanie's Theme Song





[spoiler=Extra Characters]

Fuji's Mom

Professor Jack Talo






[spoiler=Editor's Updates]

Chapter 1: A Journey Begins {F}

Chapter 2: Forever and Always {F}

Chapter 3: Capture Some Pokemon? {F}



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[spoiler=Prologue - Pokemon Ancient]

Pokemon of the Ancient times.. They were so powerful. They were exactly the same as the Pokemon of today's Pokemon world, except for one difference. They were much more dangerous. They weren't battling for fun and to become the greatest, they were battling to survive. A lot of the larger ate the smaller ones, or often killed them for nothing. That's how the world used to work. Over time, the Pokemon changed. But they didn't evolve, they became more 'Humane'.


They soon were even able to make pacts with the humans and even allowed humans to become there friends. So much had changed over time. No one knew about the Ancient forms until a Professor had discovered something. He checked and checked and saw that it was in every Pokemon. A hidden power. Something dark and powerful. He went mad with research and learned how to force this energy out. His research was lost when he died, but some people that worked near him said he always talked about Synchronization. They never knew what it was, but he always talked about it to himself. It was even overheard that he perfected this with a few Pokemon. Now in this world, his research has been found by the Black Masters. A group of trainers who have unlocked the Ancient power. They are against the world and the power of the Ancients still is a secret..



[spoiler=First Chapter]

[spoiler=Opening Theme One]

Pokemon Screamo




Pokemon: Ancient

Chapter 1 - A Journey Begins






"I'm up, I'm up," said a sleepy sounding voice. Followed by a moan and a crash. "Not again!" The voice yelled as the clock fell to the floor broken.


"Fuji, are you up yet!? Your gonna be late!" Another voice, a female voice, had called from behind the door. It sounded like the voice was traveling some distance. Perhaps even through a hallway.


"Yeah, I'm up mom.." The boy called back down as he stood up next to his bed with a stretch and a yawn. The boy's name was Fuji Oujo; he had just turned 13 not too long ago. His mother had called the nearby Professor of the Ichi Village asking him to take care of her son. He needed a Pokemon to be his friend. And of course the Professor complied. They always enjoyed new trainers getting there first Pokemon. He was able to get his first Pokemon three years ago of course, but he didn't really think about it. He never really saw many Pokemon besides the Machoke his mom had walking around the house helping her with the heavy stuff. It was nice having the Machoke around to do some work for her.


"Well come on! I'll give you a ride." She called up to him. He heard her and rushed to get his cloths on. He wondered what Pokemon he was going to be able to get. He was also overjoyed to be able to leave his moms house at such a young age and begin a journey. No adults, no one to tell him what to do; just him and his Pokemon going on many adventures. It would all be too great. Fuji ran down the stairs with his cloths on, and even a backpack full of items he could use on his journey and they got in his moms car and drove towards the Lab.


Ichi was a small little Village that only had one thing there to even make people want to come here.. The Pokemon Lab. The Lab helped all sorts of new people start on a journey and they had many different types of Pokemon in them. It was also the main source of money for the town. Getting a starter Pokemon was expensive, but this was the only way to do it. So it had to be done. There was plenty of money to be made when you and your Pokemon traveled together anyways, so there were no worries. The town had one Grocery Store, a couple Clothing Stores; other than that, nothing. You would have to travel through Route One the make it to Futatsu. It was a city only a few miles away. The City was doing actually a little better than Ichi was, for they had a Pokemon Gym there. There you could battle a Gym Leader and earn a Gym Badge, also some money and whatever items the Gym Leader may give you if any.


Fuji and his mother had finally made it to the Lab and she almost balled her eyes out completely but Fuji just gave her a confident smile and walked away with the promise of visiting her some day soon. It was a promise he had to keep, and of course he would keep it. He would love to test his new Pokemon out against the strength of Machoke when he did return. He entered the building, walking slowly as if he were nervous. He was nervous. As he entered, he noticed some of the Lab Workers crowded around a Television watching a Pokemon Battle live on Pay-Per-View. It was a good one. The world famous Syuuske vs. Inui, another famous name in the Pokemon world. Fuji walked closer, he could here the announcer as soon as he walked in.


"Well folks, here we go. Syuuske and Inui are now both on there last Pokemon during this battle. The score is 1 to 1. Whoever wins this third battle takes the win!" A man with bright purple hair and silver eyes threw a Pokeball. The man looked around the age of 25 and was actually quiet striking. You could tell he was a true master as he looked forth towards his opponent. The other man tossed a Pokeball into the air as well. The second man wasn't as good looking as the first. He had thick glasses and his expression seemed to show frustration, but it was also his usual expression. The first man's Pokeball landed and out came a Dragonite. The second man's Pokeball opened and a Garchomp came out. Both trainers made no moves after that, but there Pokemon charged at each other quickly. Suddenly the area in the Arena was covered by a raging Sandstorm, and it seemed to be coming from the Garchomp. The Dragonite attempted to take flight, but the Sandstorm was too strong. The Garchomp then shot a greenish-yellow type of flame from it's mouth.


"Oh! And Garchomp uses a Dragonbreath right after using a Sandstorm!" The announcer yelled out. The Dragonite was hit, but looked like it shook it off with ease as it was being pushed back by the Sandstorm. The Dragonite then took flight, despite the pinch it was in due to the Sandstorm. It then released a bright blue beam towards the Garchomp and the Garchomp was hit. Slowly it began to freeze until it's whole body was covered. "And Dragonite lands a direct blow to Garchomp with the Icebeam! What an amazing match but it looks like it's all ove.." The annoucer couldn't even finish when the ice around Garchomp melted and a blast of fire shot towards the Dragonite. The two dragons were fighting toe to toe and it was a great match. The Sandstorm stopped when Garchomp was frozen, and they were both charging towards each other, the Dragonite in the air; Garchomp on the ground below him.


The T.V. was then shut off, right there in the middle of the battle. Fuji saw and was amazed and shocked. He still stood there paralyzed by the excitement he had just witnessed. It was a great battle, but now it couldn't be finished. "Do you need something?" A voice said as an older man walked towards him. "Ah..?" Fuji said as he watched him, still in a daze. The older man started to laugh. "You must be Fuji Oujo. I am Professor Jack Talo, you can call me Professor Jack." He said happily as he made his way toward Fuji. "Eh.. I'm Fuji.." He said, now wondering how this man knew him. "Follow me," Professor Jack said.


They went into a back room where there were many Pokeballs set in large spaces. The Professor pulled up a list of Pokemon names and information and smiled. "You can pick anyone you want." He said. "Really?" Fuji said with excitement. He didn't even hear a reply, he was looking at the list the had the Pokemon's name, gender and attacks. There were 20 different pokemon he could chose from. All of them were called 'starters'. After looking and reading for about 20 minutes, Fuji had chosen a Pokemon. He pointed to it for the lady at the desk and she looked and saw.




Pound, Leer


"Okay, I will be right back with that Treeko." She said as she walked into the back. Fuji couldn't even begin to explain the excitement he felt. His journey was now going to begin..



[spoiler=Ending Theme One]

Fukai Mori - Do as Infinity





[spoiler=Second Chapter]

[spoiler=Opening Theme One]

Pokemon Screamo




Pokemon: Ancient

Chapter 2 - Forever and Always



It was time. Yes finally. It was indeed time for Fuji to receive his first Pokemon. He was meant for greatness. The lady came back out with a smile, a Pokeball in her right hand. The Pokeball looked a little odd, different from the Pokeball his mom’s Machoke had. Different from any Pokeball he had ever seen. It was green and white instead of red and white and on it, it had a large capitalized ‘T’ on it. “Here you go Fuji Oujo. Take good care of him please. I will let you guys get to know each other though, so go ahead and step into that room over there. We only had one other person receive a Pokemon from us today and he is waiting to battle someone.” She said pointing towards the room to the right. Fuji walked towards it, finally making it in. He was going to battle already? He didn’t even get a chance to meet his Pokemon yet.


Once he finally made it inside of the room there was a boy in there, a little older than him. Probably around the age 15 or 16. His eyes were almost sapphire in color and his hair was a blood red type of color. His hair was spiky and cool, but he looked like he was fed up with waiting.


“Hi, I’m Fuji Oujo.” Fuji said at once. He looked at the boy who was glaring at him almost scary like.


“The names Ito Nami. I’m not here to talk to you. I’m here to battle, so get ready!” He said as he pulled his Pokeball out. His Pokeball was red with a ‘C’ on it as well. It wasn’t the normal red, it was actually orangish-red.


Fuji could only guess that meant his opponent had a Fire-Type Pokemon. He didn’t care; he saw on the list that none of the Pokemon knew Fire-Type moves, so he was safe. The other trainer then threw the Pokeball into the air and out came a Chimchar. A Pokemon that was liked a lot, but he couldn’t see this boy using something just because it was popular. The boy was waiting as Fuji starred at the Chimchar. He was actually getting aggravated. “Hurry the hell up kid!” He yelled toward Fuji.


Fuji jumped and grabbed for his Pokeball. “Oh, sorry!” He yelled out quickly. He wasn’t used to battling. He had always watched them on Television; so when he saw someone throw a Pokeball, for him it was only natural to wait to see the other Pokeball come out. Fuji held the Pokeball and looked at it, wondering how it worked. “I guess I’ll have to just throw it and see how it works...” He said tossing the ball in the air. The ball had a quick shine show from it and out came a Treeko, in its mouth was a piece of straw it was chewing on and had seemed to rather enjoy. The battle was now going to begin between the two trainers and it was going to, at least hopefully going to, be a good close battle. “Treeko, let’s start this out,” Fuji said, happy that he was giving commands to his very own Pokemon. “use pound!” He said in a commanding tone.


The other trainer smiled. He was waiting for this the entire time and was finally getting what he was waiting for, a battle. His Chimchar didn’t move, though it had an angry look in its eyes just like Ito did. “Chimchar, dodge it and use your Leer to lower its defenses!” He demanded. The Chimchar acted almost instantly by jumping backwards to dodge the Pound attack coming at him. He then glared into his opponents eyes with a glare executing his Leer. Treeko couldn’t help but meet his gaze and had a shiver move down his spine. That glare the opponent gave him freaked him out a bit. Hell, it even freaked Fuji out a bit. “Now use Scratch!” He demanded again.


“Not so fast! Use a Pound against his Scratch and over power him.” Fuji commanded as the two Pokemon now charged towards each other, both using the attacks commanded.


The two attacks collided and Chimchar fell to the ground in pain. It looked a bit bruised from taking the hit, but it wasn’t out for the count. Slowly Chimchar stood up with a determined look on its face. He wasn’t going to give up and lose easily. Even taking a thrashing from Treeko. “Chimchar, use Scratch again!” Ito called out, and this time the attack landed before Fuji had a chance to respond.


“Treeko!” Fuji yelled as Treeko struggled to stand up. “Treeko. Tree.” Treeko said with assurance in his tone. It was so great. He and his Pokemon got along perfectly even though they had just met. They were in Synch. “Now Treeko, finish the battle. Use Pound!” Fuji yelled as the Treeko charged in for an attack.


“Dodge it Chim…” The Chimchar didn’t have time to react as if was blasted by another Pound attack. This time hit directly as it fell back and landed hard. He struggled to stand up and was almost to his feet before falling on his face, his eyes twirling. Treeko looked back towards Fuji and gave a triumphant smile. Fuji grabbed pulled the green Pokeball back out and a light captured Treeko and the Treeko was gone instantly. Ito did the same thing, but very unhappy. “You did great Treeko.” He said as he put the Pokeball on one of the notches on his belt.


Ito just stood there looking at Fuji. His eyes filled with anger. “Dammit to hell!” he said with so much anger. “You won this match, but you will see me again soon. I will crush you!” He said as he walked out the door.


Suddenly a voice filled the room. It came from a loud speaker talking directly to Fuji. It would have been directed towards both trainers if they were both there, but they weren’t. “Congratulations on your victory Fuji. You did great. Now come out and get some items all new Trainers receive after their first fight. We will also heal your Pokemon.” Fuji walked out the door to see the Professor standing right there and Ito charging right out the door.


“Well Fuji. Ito is pretty angry, but he is a strong kid. I’m seeing that you are too. Here are some items you receive when becoming a new trainer.” Professor Jack then pulled out some items that were in a new book bag to show Fuji what they were and how they were used. While the Professor did this, the Treeko was taken in and brought back soon after, healed by there newer technology.


All together Fuji received:

PDA: Pokemon Digital Accessory – Which was the newer version of a Pokedex. It gave all sorts of information and also allowed the user to have a journal and many other things. It is very helpful with navigation and tons of other things.

Hyotei Region Map – Which was just what it said, a detailed map of the Hyotei region.

5 Pokeballs

5 Potions – They give Pokemon strength and help them continue fighting. They aren’t very strong but help out the lower level Pokemon.

3 Revives – They heal a Pokemon after fainting. It pretty much gives. They cost a lot and are very helpful.

Pokemon Food


The items he received pretty much were what his mom paid for so that he could get his first Pokemon. He couldn’t be happier now. Just then a girl walked in and looked at him. She gave him a smile and a wink. He stood there blushing, not knowing what to do, so he just ignored her. It was all he could do. She was very pretty and also… on her belt she had three Pokeballs. If he upset her, there would be no way he could defeat her in a Poke Battle. So he took his items and walked out the door. He made his way over to the path to Route One. He had driven with his mom on many different occasions, but this would be his first time walking through searching for Pokemon.


As he walked through, he noticed some trainers battling and some others searching for Pokemon. He didn’t really see any Pokemon himself, but he continued. He had released the Treeko earlier from his Pokeball to talk to him and get to know him, and used the PDA he had received to translate what the Treeko was saying. Wow this thing was amazing. He learned that Treeko was much like him and wanted to make new friends. So Fuji was going to help him out. The Pokemon wasn’t a world for him to try and take over. It was more of a place where he could just make new friends. If his friends wanted to battle, he would let them. If they didn’t, he wouldn’t force them. It wasn’t his job to do so. His job was to give them the journey they wanted to take. And with a human partner, they could do that journey much easier, surrounded by friends. It was starting to get dark, so he and Treeko looked around and built a fire. He didn’t have a tent or a sleeping bag, so he would be sleeping under the stars the same way Pokemon around the world had to. He thought he could understand them better if he did this anyways. Treeko was happy to see that his trainer did this and slept happily next to him.


The sound of leaves from a nearby bush had woken Fuji up. He remained quite so he wouldn’t wake Treeko up. He stared, hoping nothing would come out. But it did. It was a Riolu just walking around all by itself. It looked at Fuji and seemed to ignore him. Fuji pulled out his PDA and got the information on it.

Riolu, the Emanation Pokemon. The aura that emanates from its body intensifies to alert others if it is afraid or sad. Its body is little yet powerful. It can crest three mountains and cross two canyons in one night.


Fuji smiled. He was going to catch this Pokemon. He was getting very excited and woke the Treeko up. Treeko looked at him tiredly then saw the Riolu. It then caught on to the excitement that had captured Fuji in its grasp and jumped up ready to battle. Ready to make a new friend. “Treeko, use pou..”


“What are you doing!?” A female voice called out from behind the bush. “Get away from my Pokemon!” She said right after. She came out from behind the bushes and it was the girl from the Lab. The Riolu was hers. And it was a very rare one indeed for it was a female. Only around 12% of Riolu were actually female, making this one special. Very special indeed.


After explaining the misunderstanding and apologizing, they sat there for a bit, just looking about at the sky that was beginning to brighten up a little. “My name is Stephanie McPhilleas, what’s yours?” She said, looking at him in the eyes with those gentle blue eyes of hers.


“Oh! I’m Fuji Oujo. I just started my journey today.” He said confidently but blushed lightly.


“Oh really now?” She said. “Well, I started some time ago. I’ve already gotten the first badge, though I would rather paint pictures of my Pokemon then battle with them.”


“I see.” He replied. “I just want to train with my Pokemon and make new friends. It would be so much fun doing that.”


“I have a great idea, how about I travel along with you?”

“You really want to travel with me?”

She blushed. “Yeah. It would be nice. Plus I could help you out by letting you train with my Pokemon.”

“That would be great!” He said blushing as well.

“Then it’s settled! How about we go catch you a new Pokemon when it gets brighter out. You need two for the first Gym.”

He looked at her surprised. She was really going to help him. “That would be great.”


She then pulled out a Pokeball from the slots and tossed it. “First I want to battle you to see how strong you are. Then we can decide what would be best for you to do.” As the Pokeball landed a Skitty came out of it’s Pokeball happily, ready for battle with the Treeko.



[spoiler=Ending Theme One]

Fukai Mori - Do as Infinity





[spoiler=Third Chapter]

[spoiler=Opening Theme One]

Pokemon Screamo




Pokemon: Ancient

Chapter 3 - Capture Some Pokemon?


“Okay Treeko. Let’s do this.” Fuji said waiting for Stephanie to respond.


“Well Fuji.. Skitty and me.. We will test your power, right Skitty?” “Meow!”


“Treeko, let’s go! Use Leer and try to lower its defense. We can crush it that way!” Treeko did just as he was told. He put a dark gaze into the little Skitty’s eyes and prepared to fight her to the end.


“Not so fast, Skitty, use Double Slap now.” Stephanie yelled out. “Dodge it Treeko and use pound!”


The Skitty ran in, almost too quickly for Treeko, dodging the gaze that would have lowered her defense. She than jumped forward, preparing to slap the Treeko right before Treeko rolled to the left. What a dodge. He had almost been caught by her Double Slap but had dodged it so easily. The Skitty turned to look and was hit by a Pound that pushed her back some. She was now a couple of feet away from the Treeko, looking at her trainer. It seemed this Skitty was a tough Pokemon. Obviously she had been used in the first Gym battle, because there was just too much strength to take a Pound directly and not fall. She actually seemed confused about the actual strength of the attack. It just.. wasn’t strong enough.


“Use Leer and then another Pound.” And Treeko gazed into the Skitty’s eyes again. This time the Leer was effective, but Skitty wasn’t at all worried. The Pound crashed into her, and she looked at her trainer again.


“Use Sing my sweet little Skitty.” Stephanie said as the Skitty start purring and meowing a soft little melody. The melody was so soothing. Treeko’s eyes felt heavier and heavier with each passing moment until her fell on the ground fast asleep.


“Treeko! Wake up!” Fuji yelled to his sleeping Pokemon. But the Treeko didn’t wake up. He finally got to continue his nights sleep. He was dreaming of him in a grass field just running around freely with other Treeko having fun, chewing the tall grass. It was Treeko heaven.


Stephanie looked at Fuji and looked down at Treeko. She smiled softly, but not an arrogant smile. It was a smile that was meant for Fuji, letting him know she was a friend. It was okay to lose this battle. “Skitty, use Double Slap and wake Treeko up.” She said so softly.




Treeko woke up from his dream. He was cranky now.



The Treeko then jumped away after struggling to get up. His left and right cheeks were both a little bruised from the slaps. They were strong. But, Treeko’s anger was going to be pushed forth. Skitty woke him up from his perfect dream. Not such a great idea Treeko thought. A light green aura surrounded his body just then. Then a blast shot out from it and hit the Skitty almost instantly. Somehow the Treeko learned a new move. But Fuji couldn’t tell what that move was. “Tree!” The Treeko yelled out in anger. Fuji and Treeko then looked at each other and both smiled at the same time. They were happy that Treeko learned a new move. He had learned Absorb, according to the PDA he had.


“Skitty, finish this off, use Iron tail.” Stephanie said with a cold blooded tone. Fuji nor Treeko noticed that she had said it to her little Pokemon until it was too late. Treeko was on the ground after a flow of the tail and then a blast right into Treeko’s chest, causing him to faint. The Skitty sat down next to him and started scratching her left ear with his back left paw. The fight wasn’t much for her, and she displayed the difference in strength with ease. As fast as the battle started, it was over. Stephanie smiled toward Fuji, knowing his fatal mistake.


“You see, if you wouldn’t have started celebrating you could have dodged that, or at least had a chance to. You were in the middle of battle when you decided to celebrate, and that cost you a loss. It’s obvious you’re new at this.” She said as she giggled.


Fuji blushed slightly as he ran over to Treeko. He didn’t reply to Stephanie at first, he was too busy with Treeko, who was just lying there on the ground after fainting. “You did great buddy. I’m proud of you.” He said happily.


“Now, let’s find you another Pokemon. I think you would do great with a Flying-Type.”

“Type?” Fuji asked innocently.

She looked at him strange. “Yeah. Each Pokemon has a different Type, didn’t you know that? Treeko is a Grass-Type. Skitty is a Normal-Type. Riolu is a Fighting-Type. There are many more. It’s how they are classified.”

Fuji looked at her dumbfounded. “That’s a lot to learn..”


She giggled again. “Let’s go find you some Pokemon. We only need one, but maybe you will see more than that. Maybe you’ll want to catch others to. I found Riolu out here with a broken leg back before I became a Trainer. Now we are inseparable. I don’t know what I’d do without my best friend.” The Skitty tilted her head to the left. “You’re my best friend too Skitty.” She said as her and Fuji both laughed.


“Well, let’s do it! I’m ready!” He said. He felt inspired after such a great battle.


“Give Treeko some time to rest silly. He can’t fight like that.” She said, now laughing at his eagerness to catch new Pokemon.


“Alright..” He said with a sad expression on his face.


Meanwhile, on an uncharted Island on the Hyotie map

A man was kneeling on the floor. He was wearing a cloak that covered his whole body and a hood had covered his head. He stood at the bottom of a small set of stairs that lead to a dark area that looked like it would be a throne of some sorts. The man also had on his back the number 4. It seemed to have meaning, but it wasn’t apparent. “My lord, we have begun preparations for our operation. Soon we will be able to show the world the darker side of Pokemon.”


A voice came from the darkness, though nothing could be seen. The voice was deep and a bit hoarse. “Good. See to it that we get what we get this done.”


“Ye.. yes my lord.” He said as he stood up and walked out of a door that was about ten feet behind him.


“Excellent. Soon, I will release the Ancient forms of the Pokemon and play my part as god of this new world.” He then started laughing out loud hysterically as if he were going insane.


Back on Route 1

“Well, let’s go Fuji. It’s about time we find you a Pokemon.” Stephanie said finally. Fuji was already standing and ready to go. He had been waiting and waiting for her to finally say they could go and he could hardly contain himself now.


They ventured around shortly after preparing to leave their position in search of a Pokemon for Fuji. She said he would do well with a Flying-Type Pokemon, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to catch a new Pokemon for himself. He wasn’t the only person searching for Pokemon though. She also wanted to catch some Pokemon for herself. She only had three Pokemon and a fourth, fifth, and maybe even a sixth couldn’t hurt. Just then, on the very Route they were on, they saw a Pokemon. It was green and had two blades for arms. It was a Scyther. Fuji was amazed and looked at Stephanie. He wanted it. He often saw Scizor’s on the television and had always wanted one. It was just about his absolute favorite Pokemon. He tossed his Pokeball into the air and out came Treeko, looking directly at the Scyther. Stephanie stood back, letting Fuji do this on his own.


“Alright Treeko, let’s get that Scyther…” He said walking towards it. The Scyther noticed him and Treeko and took a defensive stance. Fuji stopped and smiled. “Hello Scyther, I am Fuji. I am a trainer that is looking for Pokemon to join me on my adventures. Will you join me?”


The Scyther just looked at him dumbfounded. It seemed it wasn’t in a very good mood today. Scyther started vibrating his wings at that moment. Fuji had no idea what the Scyther was doing; it seemed to be getting more furious as Fuji spoke. And then a sound wave blasted Fuji and Treeko. The two of them had covered there ears but the sound way was too strong. Stephanie started to laugh at the two of them.


“What’s so funny?” Fuji asked irritated.


“You really didn’t expect Scyther to attack did you? These are wild Pokemon. You have to catch it the right way. It escaped your battle with ease.” She said teasingly.


They continued there journey going deeper and deeper into Route 1. Fuji saw a Rattata and battled with it. Treeko easily over came the Rattata and the two of them started growing stronger together. He didn’t catch the Rattata, but it was a fun battle to say the least. Stephanie then saw a Pokemon she could catch. It was actually a Pokemon she had been searching for. It was a Smeargle. Smeargle was the perfect Pokemon for her simply because they were both artists. She needed a Partner to share her love of art with and this was the one. She tossed a Pokeball, it was the third one showing the Pokemon she hadn’t used yet. It was time to see it finally.


“Let’s do this Makuhita!” The male Pokemon came out with a determined look on his face. He was strong; he was her strongest Pokemon as a matter of fact. The Smeargle looked at them and didn’t pay much attention. “Get ready Smeargle, I’m attacking,” She yelled out, “Makuhita, use Faint Attack!” The Makuhita obeyed and ran up to the Smeargle disarmingly and then sucked punched it right in the face.


“Smeargle!” The Smeargle yelled as it sucker punched the Makuhita back in its face using its sketch attack. Sketch allowed a Pokemon to copy the last move the Pokemon it faced used. Its Faint Attack wasn’t as strong, but it did land as a direct blow.


“Now Makuhita, use Focus Punch!” She yelled out as Makuhita started to focus, and then charged forward with a powerful blast as a punch.


The Smeargle fell back some, but it wasn’t ready to quite just yet. Another Faint Attack erupted. The Smeargle followed up by opening its mouth and a shockwave blasted out slamming into Makuhita. Fuji’s PDA called the attack Dragon Pulse, a powerful Dragon-Type attack indeed. This Smeargle obviously had some battle experience prior to this battle.


“Makuhita, let’s finish this now, Use Earthquake.” The Pokemon slammed it’s hands on the ground and blasted the Smeargle into the air and watch as it landed on the ground. It had fainted from the powerful Ground-Type move. Stephanie then threw a Pokeball. “Yes! I caught it!” She screamed.


Fuji sat back and smiled, but he still hadn’t caught his own Pokemon. Just then, a noise came from behind him. It was another Trainer, and next to him was a Raticate. “Are you the trainer that jumped my poor defenseless Rattata?” He said to Fuji, kind of hoping it was him and not Stephanie.


“I thought it was wild. I am sorry!” He said bowing his head.


“I can’t let that go unpunished! Get ready to battle!” He said meanly. “No one fucks with my Rats! No one!”



[spoiler=Ending Theme One]

Fukai Mori - Do as Infinity





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Name: Stephanie McPhilleas

Gender: Female

Age: 13½

Appearance: [img]http://www.metapill.co.uk/pictures/butfull%20anime%20girls/BrownHairAngel.jpg[/img]

Personality: She is a born artist, and loves to paint and draw. She is also really caring about abandoned or injured Pokémon.

Alignment: Good

Relationship with Main Character: She is Fuji´s girlfriend.

About the Pokémon: When she was walking in the woods one day, Stephanie found a Rilou who had broken it´s leg. She took it home and nursed it back to health. When it recovered, it rather wanted to stay with Stephanie rather that returning to the wilds, and it became her first Pokémon.

Theme Song: [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8fSNu9eKe0[/url]
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