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Deck building strategies, anyone?

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I looked at your deck. Four pieces of advice before you make any new decks.


1. Spells and Traps combined should be about the same as the number of monsters, except in special decks.


2. Keep it in the 40-43 range.


3. Run things in multiples, decks that only have one copy of every card will not function. You didn't run a single card in multiples, when most cards do best run in threes.


4. Have a theme and win condition in mind.

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All right.

1.First, look through all of your cards and take out the cards that work well together, have decent efects, and have decent stats.

2.Then seperate those cards into 3 piles: Monsters, Spells, and Traps.

3.The next step is trimming that pile of cards down to as close to 40 as possible(it's easier to draw the cards you need when the chances are 1-3:40 instead of 1-3:50-60.

4.The best way to seperate cards into cards you need and don't need is by asking yourself this simple question for each card: will this card help me if I draw it when I'm losing?

5.After reading this, you should have a better deck than you originally started with(just make sure to read the banned/limited list if you're playing in tournaments;)).

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Okay, when deciding what sort of deck to make, here are the biggest factors:


1. Archetypes. These are generally made to work together, making the task of figuring out what to put in the deck vastly easier.


2. Type/Attribute based decks. It's good to focus on one type or attribute, but ONLY if they actually have effects that benefit each other. There's no benefit in running all Pyros if their effects are totally uncooperative and have no synergy.


3. Win condition/OTK decks. These are centered purely around executing a small list of combos that ensure victory. In order to build this, just choose one combo that you know can win reliably, then center the rest of the deck around drawing and executing the combo.


4. Single-Strategy decks. Good examples of these are beatdown and burn. You just select cards that work well with that strategy though they may not be related. For instance, run many high-attack monsters with few drawbacks in beatdown, though they may be from different attributes or archetypes. All that matters is that they fit the theme.

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ok, to begin, what you want to do is decide how the deck will attempt to win.

good examples are: beatdown ( attack until they stop moving.) lockdown ( make all their cards worthless as possible.) destruction-direct attack ( gadget decks do this often.) exodia turbo ( a good deck idea that just has one problem, not consistent.) and burn ( playing a lot of cards that just deal damage to their life points directly.)


once you have made your choice, your next task is to look through your card collection for cards that will help get you closer to that goal.


take them all out. this is what your deck should come from.


look through the cards and try and see if you can find any sort of theme in them, if you can, use that theme, it should help make your deck better.


if you have found a theme, add cards that help that theme get closer to your goal. once you have 30-35 cards that all work around that theme, you can fill the rest with "staple" cards that can help any deck, like monster reborn or heavy storm.


if have not found a theme, your job is a bit harder. you must construct your own set of cards that work together to win. try sticking to a single area, and it might allow for other cards to be added in. for example, if you find a lot of your monsters are in there for their effects, and you aren't attacking often, then cards like level limit area B and gravity bind will help you win.



that should help you get better.

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