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All for One Contest - Finished - Lock


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Time for a Big Win Contest


Here is the Information


Entry Fee is 50 Points each



1st. All Points from this contest (250 Points) + 3 Reps

2nd. 2 Reps

3rd. 1 Rep


so if 10 people enter, you can win 500 points


Contest Theme

You must create a Lv8 Effect Monster



1. Anyone can enter but you must pay 50 points to enter. card entered without the entry fee will not be judged, and stand no chance of winning

2. No Spamming, Swearing etc.

3. Only 1 card per Entry

4. End Date for entering the contest is the 9th March

5. Between the 10th March and the 16th March, people Post their cards

6. Contest Ends on the 16th March


you will be judged on:

Official Card Grammer

Picture Quality

Fairness of card





1. fit8 (Entry Fee Recieved)

2. hamcha (Entry Fee Recieved)

3. 00 mothim (Eliminated)

4. Batteryman AAA (Entry Fee Recieved)

5. apple_cream (Entry Fee Recieved)

6. megadriver (Entry Fee Recieved)


Good Luck

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unfortunately no, the reason for this is becuase others may not enter as your card may be too good


but if you aren't able to post on the date, then feel free to PM me the card before the date. i will post it for you when the time comes, and you will still be entered into the contest

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Payment Recieved and you are entered


becuase this contest is getting more popular now, i have changed the Prize a little, adding Reps and a Second and Third place Prize (no points for them though, i don't have then spare, i'm sorry)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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