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Please bear with the long-winded world description before asking to join.


World: much like the YU-GI-OH! anime, although here there is also a mix of feudal era earth (Especially japan and europe)


Battle system: There is also a card game played in this world, although it is on a different sort of scale. Instead of a deck of cards, each player is born with a soul-bond to a monster (Regardless of whether or not they actually meet up with that monster during their lifetime). If that monster dies, so does the human and vice versa. This creature is your only monster, and once met, it is bound to its YU-GI-OH! card (it is not inside the card, but it has to stay within a mile of the card). These monsters fight eachother (obviously) with their ATK and DEF values being nothing more that ratings; not affecting the outcome of a battle. During a battle, a duelist can create a marble- sized ball of soul energy (a soul star) and throw it at their monster, giving it roughly the equivilant of a 100 point ATK/DEF boost temporarily. However there is a limit on these, as each one greatly fatigues the duelist. Each creature can only recive a number of soul stars equal to its level. Monster effects work when applicable (state the workings of the effect, and i'll ok or revise it). Spells/traps also come into play, these are made by dropping one's blood onto a blank card and writing the name of said spell/trap on the card with said blood. spells/traps are one-shot use, so once used, you must make another one (which takes about 10 minutes). Again, some spells/traps effects may need alteration. I'll state those when they come up (although an example may be trap hole). In a tournament match, monsters fight until one is knocked out (a referee is always present to determine this). outside the ring, however, duelists may often fight to the death.


Story: today, tournaments are the most valued form of entertainment in the world. Monsters are also frequently used in war as well. The order of Syphuriass seeks to control the multiverse through the use of extreemly powerful monsters. They will attack anyone deemed a threat and use creatures with ATK ratings of 3000 or more.


Rules (finally!): When choosing your monster, it can be any type (even fusion or synchro). Try to keep power down to level eight monsters or below (no god card s please). if someone has taken your idea for a monster, well...

YOU CAN HAVE IT TOO! just give it a name so we can distinguish the two.

Here is my character bio. try to copy this format:

Name: Raiden "Rai" Anarzhia

Pic or Physical description: HotAnimeBoy_ad.jpg

Personality: Rai is very fun-lovig and easy going. he is often at odds with his serious, calm stardust dragon, light. In battle, he prefers to strengthen his monster rather then weaken his opponent.

Monster: Stardust Dragon (Name: Light) (Effect changed to being usable once per soul star (once for each star that rai currently has invested in light), but it doesn't need the tribute of stardust dragon. It also allows him to block an attack as well. )

Current Spells/Traps: Dragon Nails, Fairy Meteor Crush (Effect has been changed to be able to break barriers easily), assault mode activate, synchro boost, synchro strike.

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--this seems very interesting, for a new member you have quite a creative idea


Name: Kamille Imakara

Pic or Physical description: looks similar to Kamille Bidan from gundam dynasty warriors

Personality: Kamille is usually very laid back an casual, he's serious when in battles however and has a powerful will to win

Monster: Blue Eyes White Dragon (effect: (yes i gave it an effect) when putting for enough soul energy it can transform into blue eyes ultimate dragon, however it is only for a short ammount of time and it greatly drains Kamille's stamina)

Current Spells/Traps: Burst Stream of Destruction- does great damage to ones soul energy by weakening blue eyes

Stamping Destruction- weaken's monster to negate and destory 1 spell or trap card

Super Rejuvenation- sacrifice one's soul energy to fully revive blue eyes


is something is wrong let me know please, and i'm looking foward to the start of this, i'll try to get more people if i can.




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I'm in

Name: Inu Ishara

Pic or Physical description:

Personality: Inu is rash, hard headed, easily angered and very egotistical. He is a nice guy and acts it most of the time but once he get insulted or someone hurts his pride he gets very hostile. In battle Inu relies on pure power to destroy his opponent, his motto being attack first think later.

Monster: Lycanthrope (Any time the opponent bleeds Lycanthrope shall get more blood thirsty and increase in power)

Current Spells/Traps:

Rush Recklessly- Sends Lycanthrope into a frenzy, vastly increasing his offensive abilities but also decreases his defensive powers.

Shrink- Shrinks opponents to a smaller size draining their power and making them easier to defeat.

Axe of despair- Lycanthrope constantly carried this weapon with him and it drains energy with each hit, but this axe has weakend Inu's soul energy meaning he does not have as much as other people.

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awesome. just a few more people now...

flurry, if a moster has no effect, than it doesn't have one here. (i like the blue-eyes ultimate thing, so i suggest using dragon's mirror to do the same thing (as its origional effect wouldn't work here) as for lycanthrope, how about this: he gets stronger every time he causes the opponent to bleed.

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--alright, i'll trade in Super Rejuvination for Dragons Mirror


Dragons Mirror- Blue Eyes can transform into Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon, however it only lasts for a short time and it greatly tires out Kamille and decreases stamina


and i'll get rid of the effect of blue eyes

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Sounds interesting enough for me to join.


Name: Kentaro "Ken" Anarzhia (brother of Rai, if not okay, his last name will be changed)

Pic or Physical description: Black hair with red slings (no, he's not emo, it just matches his monster). Wear Black clothes.


Monster: Red Dragon Archfiend (Name: Dark) (Effect changed so that his strength is growing each time he attacks)

Current Spells/Traps: Crimson Hell Flare, Assault Mode Activate, Megamorph, Super Rejuvenation (flurry's effect) and Assault Slash.

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to answer your question Braner, no there isnt, although most of the time you won't need more than say, 5 spells/traps in a fight. To use this term loosely, "off screen", duelists can have bookfulls of spells and traps, they just don't use all of them at once.


as for YOU kst80 :x...

YES THAT WORKS! actually that helps too. one less NPC for me to make. Also, Red dragon archfiend's effect can stay as it actually is (sorta). give it the abilty to break barriers/guards/walls easily

The order of Syphuriass:



Leader/founder: unknown/Monster: Unknown




Trent Kilnadro: Monster: Trident Dragon


Mila Fonspik: Monster: Judgement dragon


Hunter Grave: Valkirion The magna warrior


Unknown: Monster: unknown


Unknown: Monster: unknown


Unknown: Monster: unknown




Unnamed: 40




Unnamed: 150

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ok news!


1. sorry about the absence. i havent been able to get to my cpu lately.


2. maj can join.


3. Rp starts when i change the title (A.K.A. SOON)

[align=center]-From out of the unknown, they rise-

-Behold, they are the demons-

-Behold, they are the angels-

-They are the future, on its black steed-

-They are the world, soaring with shimmering wings-[/align]

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ooc:LOL funeez.


Another inside joke for fun.


Astre: Whats that in the mech's leg? *electrocution*

The sun was in his eyes.

"Rai, how much farther are those geysers? We've been hiking for over six hours."


"A few more miles, Light. Jeez, YOU'RE the one who forced me to train with you today, so why are you complaining about the trip?"


"Because six hours spent walking is definitely NOT productive. And besides, you stopping to smell the flowers or eat your X-thousandth rice ball of the day every five seconds isn't helping either."


"Well, if I'm going to do a lot of not fun work, I might as well enjoy myself first. And, if you're so eager to get there then why not fly ahead? You have wings for a reason you know."


"Yes, because I am a dragon. And as usual you have forgotten a key piece of information. I cannot go more than a mile away from you, so, to be practical, i might as well stay here to protect you rather than have to rush back in case something or someone NOT ME tries to hurt you."


"NOT YOU? Does that mean that YOU will hurt me?"


"If you get me mad enough, yes."


"Shutting up now."

The pair continued to walk along the barren nature trail in silence.

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(1 = Good Guy, 2 = Not good guy. :D)

Name 1: Liawn (Lie - aw - un ) Liszabania (Hoho! Insider #2!) [ Liz-Ah-Ba-Na)

Name 2: Kurt Cobain (NO NOT REALLY, hahaha) Siel Rintei (Sigh-all Rin Tay)

Pic or Physical description AND Personality (I feel the need to combine them) 1: (Since Image Hosting no longer seems to work on this site -.-) *Biiiiiig breath in* Liawn is a fair aged boy, 19 if an age must be placed. He is not tall by any means, about 5'9" to be exact, He is an extremely courageous boy, with expectations that... may exceed him now and then. He is a divine warrior when blades are put to the test, he always carries a short-sword with him for general needs and blood-drawing (Ouch), he is followed around by his spirit and dresses pretty casually, his spellcaster friend does have a nack to be able to open a small portal, in which they can store stuff into. The area of the Portal is about the size of a small house.


Pic or Physical description AND Personality (I feel the need to combine them.) 2: Siel has been a cold man straight from the beginning. When he met the Fog King... it only made things worse. His soul was frozen over by the Fog King's magic. Now Siel focuses on nothing but destroying the world.... He is tall, menacing at 6'7". He wears a long Icy blue trench coat, and he would rather beat the living crap out of you than let you pay your way into living the rest of your life. The question is.... is the Fog King the one who is really in control?


Monster1: Chaos Command Magician

Monster2: Fog King

Current Spells/Traps1: Hidden Book of Spell (x3) - Learn new spells! :O

Book of Secret Arts: New Spells and a power boost.

Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell: He can stop the battlefield, dead in it's tracks for 10 seconds.

Spells Traps2: None yet.....or does he possess some...?



(Pending entry, when I'm official, I'll edit this post and make an actual post out of it, so, keep your eyes glued.)

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Well, nothing is special about a Geyser at all, actually. The most Geysers do is shoot boiling water at you.

ooc: ok you're in. And' date=' the pronunciation (Phonetic spelling) could use some work. I feel nit-pickey today XD



If you can be Nit-pickey, so can I. It's pronounciation.

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Ken was in a big city, Dark was currently inside his card. Ken pulled out a device that he had made himself. It looked a bit like an iPhone, but it was red with black trim and it showed a map of a mountain with a dot blinking in the middle of it. "So, my brother is climbing a mountain. I hope he don't mind if I pay him a visit..." He heard the voice of Dark inside his head: "Why do you still follow that creep? It's not like he's of any big danger or Syphuriass or something!" Ken replied: "I think that my brother is of much greater danger then you think Dark, after all, we share the same blood!" Upon saying the last words he drew the Red Dragon Archfiend card and raised it to the sky so that Dark was summoned. "Let's go, Dark!" Ken said as he climbed Dark's shoulder. Dark spread his wing and left off to the sky with a fearsome roar.

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