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How 2 Make a Booster Pack on Paint!

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Actually I got some of the ideas from other tutorials, here's what I got for you:




-Booster Pack Outline

-Picture you wish to put on it

-Yugioh Logo

-Konami Logo

-The 9 Cards Per Pack thingy (Optional), you can put any number of cards in your pack.

-English Edition logo


Here's the tutorial:


1. Open Paint


2. Go to Edit and click the tab "Paste from". Select your booster pack outline and click OK


3. Go to Edit, click "Paste from" AGAIN to find picture you want on the pack. If pic is too big, adjust the size to fit it into the space.


4. OPTIONAL: Color it with the Paint tool if you don't like the color


5. Repeat step 2 and get the Yugioh logo and place it somewhat towards the bottom, but leave space so you can write your pack name and insert the number of cards in your pack.


6. Repeat step 2 and insert the Konami logo and English Edition. Place the Konami logo on upper left and English Edition on right. If it's too big, adjust the size until it matches your desired size


7. Use the Type tool and type the name of your pack.


8. Repeat step 2 for your "9 Cards Per Pack" logo. If you want to add a different number other than 9, don't repeat step 2. Use the Type function and write "(insert number here)" Cards Per Pack".


9. Bingo, you're done.





Give yourself a pat on the back, you made your first booster pack




If you want me to make your pack for you, I'll be glad to help you :D:D


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I figured out a way to make a Dark Synchro, however I can only do this with existing ones in the anime using Paint.


[spoiler=how to make]

1. I go to yugiohwikia and look for a good dark synchro


2. save the pic


3. go to MS Paint and paste from my file


4. I erase the Japanese name, then paint it black using Paint function


5. Type the name in English w/type feature (make sure it has no background)


6. Then make the text box WITH background. Type "monster type / dark synchro / effect", then I copy/paste the effect


7. That's it


NOTE: It may look ugly




Someone help me on how to make them (D.Synchros)

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