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MegaMan BN 6 HELP!

Light of Destruction

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Keep using the trader until you get another??


Go to GameFAQs and look up a Chip FAQ???



WHAT? I don't think I can since there chosen at random...... And the order service only has GrabRvng Q !


The Chip Trader has a random chance of giving off ANY KIND of Chip (Except Gigas). So if you have a bunch of those useless "Guard" chips, send em off. Of course, the Chip FAQ is still on the table.

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Their is only two ways to GrabRvng I, the first is via trading a random person. The other is too use the chip trader.


Since you traded away the one you got from the person you need to hope to get lucky with the trader or find some one you know and get it from them.


Side from that I their is nothing else you can do.


Since your question has been asnwered, I'm going to lock this. If you have another question, pm me and I should be able to help.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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