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What happened while I was "gone".


In other words, what news (besides Konami and UDE battle) did I miss, what are the new meta cards, and other things that I missed.


Answers must only be in limericks.


Also, discuss the Meta (in limericks)



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Guest PikaPerson01

There once was a company named Konami.

They made a new pack, rather balmy.

Crimson Crisis was lame

Didn't do much for the game

All it did was introduce a bunch of useless nomis.

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why the heck do you want them in limericks?


(it's a question' date=' so it doesn't need to be one.)



I'm very so glad that you asked

for this threads meaning is masked

I wanted some fun

becuase I had none

so I made this credulous task.

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There once was a guy named UDE

eh was a pretty cool guy but died

Because another guy named Konami

did a buncha stupid stuff and lied

killed UDE with lawsuits and stuff

as if the awful list wasn't enough

they also killed GBs with RGBT

and then ate their limbs for tea.


lolhax from nantucket

lololololhax bucket

lolhax noob serv0r

hax 1337ed some moar

and haxed hax lol nublet hax hax.


This post is terrible

Really really quite awful

it's really really just horrible

the limericks are really awful


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We received new banlist

While most changes were bad, only a few were good

With Reinforcements of the Army banned, Andrew is in a foul mood

For Warrior Decks, people mourn

As the meta is overtaken by Lightsworn


"Earthbound God" is now "Earthbound Immortal"

I seriously need to play Portal

Raging Battle will have a Hollow

And after that set, Ancient Prophecy will follow


Airbellum will be available in Starter Deck 2009

Dark Armed Dragon is at 1

Which is totally fine

There has yet to be a Morphtronic gun

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