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Star Child

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[spoiler=rules]1.dont spam

2.dont ask me who's winning

3.dont post cards after end date.

4.all cards must be in spoilers


[spoiler=cards]1. you can post up to 3 cards [you can post as many cards as you want but i'm gonna grade the 1st 3 okay]

2.make cards as reveiling as you can without braking the rules

3.they have to be moster cards

4.they can have subtypes


[spoiler=rubric] pic 11/20

effect 7/20

balance 2/20


[spoiler=start/end date] starts when you post your card/ends on 4-01-09. (if i forget then pm me plze dont neg me if i forget)


[spoiler=prizes] 1st place 3 rep and 10 pts

2nd 2 rep and 5 pts

3rd 1 rep


[spoiler=member list]

1. Nitemare452

2. Cove

3. Yankeefan

4. LT Havic

5. Batteryman AAA

6. i_can_do_stuff

7. TheGiver

8. -Blaze-

9. what1

10. al9090

11. Kagamine Len

12. Murasaki Tsukimaru

13. Jericho

14. •:Elonar:•

15. Tedomime

16. gustavosuarez

(this is not the limit i just add more ppl as they join)


tell me if i forgot everything.

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