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Chaotic Angel

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The sign up archive


Plot: Ron wakes up from his deepest slumber, but as an angel. He wants you to help him beat down all the enemies from all Anime and movies. Can you do this before the world ends? Especially when you belong in the Evil side? Well, this plot is passed on to you, where things are down to you.. Remember.. There's NO turning back..!



1. No Spamming


2. No Godmodding


3. Stealing ideas is a crime, so don't do it.


4. Doing something inappropriate can cause you to be dropped out.


5. This is the only RP where you can't turn back until we're half-way through a plot. So don't think of quitting until then.


6. No one complains about the rules written in this thread. This could lead you to being dropped out without warning.


7. If you want to request enemies, PM me and request it there.


8. We're playing all the plots we put down, so remain active! Note: This is the longest RP yet! So best thing is, don't think of quitting! (You can, but you wouldn't wanna)


9. No complaining about which Boss is hard and which is easy. If you wanna complain, then expect to be kicked out.


10. Only the people invited can post applications here. No complaining or you're outta here.


11. No script speech! Unless of course you're too lazy to write up bits of paragraphs and sentences.


More rules must be PMed to the owner of this RP.


Any rules violated will be negged twice.





[spoiler=The storylines you can use from:]

1. Main (Ron's) Plot - 4


2. Rokujo's Plot - 2


3. Nick's Plot - 0


4. Agas' Plot - 0


5. Zeke's Plot - 0


6. Dominic's Plot - 0


7. Emeraldus' Plot - 0


8. Kyohaku's Plot - 1


9. Tiamat's Plot - 0


10. Drakovia's Plot - 0


11. Timeron - 0




Votes are now open!




















Weapon Type:



*Put in a spoiler if more than one weapon is posted. Pics are optional*






Speed of Character:





[spoiler=My Application:]

Name: Ron Yim


Age: 16


Gender: Male


Race: Fallen Angel


Side: Neutral


Appearance: a603128.png


Weapon Type: Assorted



1. Dual Excalibar


2. Golden Excalibar


3. 3-way bow


4. 5-way bow


5. Heaven Destroyer (Dual Berserker)


6. Dual Death Scythe


7. Demon Obliterator* (Berserker Ring)


8. Dual Demon Obliterator* (Dual Berserker Ring)


* = When Ron turns into his true berserker form.





Height: 159.60


Weight: 109 lbs


Speed of Character: 190 - 230K km/h






1. Ron Yim (Final Slayer)


2. Nicholas Prodigy (Final Slayer)


3. Agas Contentine (Soul Legacy)


4. Zeke Tranis (KWLegend)


5. Rokujo Miharu (Enrise)


6. Dominic Kiryu (Fenrir's Herald)


7. Emeraldus (Archangel of destiny)


8. Kyohaku Haki (.:True Destiny:.)


9. Tiamat Shadowclaw (Gir: Ruler of Tacoz)


10. Drakovia Dragomare (Gir: Ruler of Tacoz)


11. Timeron (Angel of Death)
























1. Heartless - Kingdom Hearts II***


2. Nobodies - Kingdom Hearts II***


3. Hollows - Bleach***


4. Catholics - Hellsing


5. Dark Aeons - Final Fantasy X


6. Organization XIII - Kingdom Hearts II*


7. Yami Bakura - Yu Gi Oh! Season 0*


8. Dark Lord Zooku - At World's End**


9. Edward Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist*


10. Alphonse Elric - Fullmetal Alchemist*


11. Espadas - Bleach*


12. Berserk Ron - At World's End**


13. Garland - Final Fantasy I*


14. Mateus - Final Fantasy II*


15. Cloud of Darkness - Final Fantasy III*


16. Golbeza - Final Fantasy IV*


17. Exdeath - Final Fantasy V*


18. Cefca Palazzo - Final Fantasy VI*


19. Sephiroth - Final Fantasy VII*


20. Ultimecia - Final Fantasy VIII*


21. Kuja - Final Fantasy IX*


22. Jecht - Final Fantasy X*


23. Gabranth - Final Fantasy XII*


24. Chaos - Dissidia Final Fantasy*


More can be requested!


* = Bosses


** = From this RP


*** = Some Heartless, Nobodies or Hollows are bosses in this RP.





[spoiler=Recent news!]

--Ron's plot ended!--


--Plot are now open for voting!--





[spoiler=Warnings given:]

e.g. Date given - Reason - Victim





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We could use the Sign up archive to do all the talking.


EDIT: Ron wakes up from his deepest slumber, but then he didn't know where he was. The only thing he saw is his weapons and nothing else. He gets dressed and moves on to defeat Chaos, everyone's worst enemy.

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At an old cemetery,an odd figure was gracefully walking amongst the graves he was wearing a black cloak,and leather pants,as he was passing a crypt,he saw a writing on it:I have faith that you will protect me from demons and devil

"Yea right"he said as he walked away from the crypt

"These humans don't even know what their god is like"he said silently.

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OoC: Fenrir, we're sticking to MY plot.


IC: But when Ron was walking, a bunch of Dark Aeons were invading. Ron said: "You weaklings try to take me on, eh? Give it your best shot!" but then, that Dark Aeon, Dark Buhamut, took Ron in a single slash. Ron fell unconcious. But Buhamut disappeared.

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((So' date=' when are we gonna start? Enrise hasn't been on in ages.))



--If you look at the sign-up Archive, you'll know why... Or, I can tell you now:

Had a visit with the doc and the bed, cause my little friend the virus came expectantly.


--Secondly, Where do I start?

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((Read it. Idk, figure out =/))


Crash, bang. A large figure was stepping through the city, crushing anything in sight, avoiding humans. It was tiger shaped almost, baring a striking resemblance. "Gah! Get out of my way!" Dominic yelled, unable to move his Zoid away.

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OoC: You can start wherever. I don't care much for now.


IC: When Ron was about to reach the Chaos Palace, Garland appeared and said: "Well, well.. If I didn't see Ron here in the--" then he got cut off as Ron said: "Garland!? Hahaha! I knew I'd clash against you! Let's go! You'll die for good!" and then drew his weapon and started fighting.

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