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[Disc]Gigastone Omega vs. Gigantes[Disc]

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he isnt a wanna be beatstick.

the idea is that his defense is such that it would slow your opponent down because he cant just run over it with anything smaller than a monarch, forcing him to use some effect to kill it.

unfortunately, theres no reason he cant just drop a monarch while youre trolling defense.


if it had 24 def, it would be significantly better.

itd be a multi-turn waboku that chains to harpies feather duster when it dies.

useless against gbs though.

everything attacks it, swaps out, oh look heraklinos. /runs over



gigantes, on the other hand, is quite counterproductive.

having 19 attack ensures that it wont be easily killed by battle.

if he had 16 or 17, he would be better in that respect, however, hed lose his only real redeeming value: the 19.


i prefer gigantes, hes a beater~

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Beatstick > Not beatstick


Oh, right.


I forgot Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner is better than Gene-Warped Warwolf.


My bad, really.


Gigastone Omega > Gigantes.

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---^ LOLHUT!




You obviously Summon it in Defense Position, and your opponent will most likely have to use some type of effect to get rid of it. So basically, you can either stall or destroy all of your opponent's Spell or Trap Cards. Destroying by effect is much more common than destroying by battle.

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niether card is terribly good because it gives your opponent too much control.

at least gigantes is crashable, though.

the best way to funk with your opponent is to take as much control away from him as possible.

which is why giga isnt good. theres no way for you to activate his effect at will.

sure it provides stall, but meh.

gigantes provides a powerhouse that stalls simply for being big and ugly.

gives you more control, takes control from your opponent.

forces your opponent to consider the attack strengths of his monsters and the setting of his mts and directly related, and to bend his gameplay accordingly, because he knows you can just crash gigantes into anything with 19 or more.



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