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Long time no thread...


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[align=center]I felt kinda good inside after making this card, so I wanted to post it.


Especially since it's been ages since I posted a thread in here. ^_^





This card cannot be Summoned except from your hand if your opponent controls 1 or more monsters. During your Main Phase 1, you can place 1 Starcast Counter on this card (max. 1). If you do, you cannot attack with this card during your Battle Phase this turn. During your Battle Phase, if there is 1 Starcast Counter on this card and you did not place it on this card during your Main Phase 1 this turn, you can remove it from this card to destroy 1 monster your opponent controls. If you use this effect, return this card to your hand during the End Phase.


Credit: My photobucket account; originally found on tinypic



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woow! DeMeNTeD is back in the realistic section!


your card seems balanced and free of OCG errors to me...(I don't like the not-attacking part of the effect but the card is still good)

so 9/10

I think I've only seen errors on one of your cards once, and that's something :)

welcome back from the contest section to realistic cards.. Last time I looked you had 400 REPs and where celebrating :)

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Why do I feel like this is just kinda...an overdone effect?

I don't really see anything special about this card...

It has the basic counter idea, with the basic non attack effect. Then, the card builds up to the point where you use the counter. Whats new? It destroyes a monster. The only non boring part is that it goes back to the hand after is uses it's effect.


Meh, sorry if I'm a bummer man, but,

This card really doesn't seem even close to your best.

Sorry man.

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