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I finally figured out TCGPlayer's problem...

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Guest Chaos Pudding

And you're right' date=' [b']I don't care if Yugioh is balanced.[/b] It's a game, just like Poker isn't balanced, even though you're playing with more than one deck.


This guy is one of the main people on their Forbidden/Limited List Discussion forum. He does not care if Yu-Gi-Oh is balanced. Therefor, it makes perfect sense that he argues about the portion of the game that is designed to bring what he feels does not matter.


Why again do I care?

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Everyone would play 3 of the "Big 7" cards that were Forbidden.




Dark Hole


Harpie's Feather Duster

Call of the Haunted

Change of Heart

Gracefull Charity

Pot of Greed


Did you mean these?

What about CED' date=' BLS, Fiber Jar, RoD, or Sin. Serpent much?



Where's the love for 6th Sense? It's a great card for LS.

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