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|~Browa's Birthday Bash!!~| Win free stuff just for posting!

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[align=center]Browa's Birthday Bash!


It's my birthday! I think that calls for fun times and free stuff, don't you? ^_^


So, here's the deal. This is a poll. I want to hear about you guys. I want everybody to tell me what the best present you've ever gotten for your birthday is. I really want to know! And, some of you will get cool prizes like points or free name changes just for posting!


Now, I don't want this to be a spammy thread, so there are some rules:

1. Each user can only post once in this thread (that way someone doesn't win 2 prizes, cuz I want to spread the fun :P), so make sure you say everything you want to in that one post.

2. Please actually tell me your favorite present, don't just post specifically to get prizes.

3. Have fun!! This is a special day, and I want everybody to share in the fun! ^_^


Here will be a list of each prize as the post it is associated with gets made. I will give you the prize once I've confirmed the post number. If you win a free name change, please PM me the name you'd like to change to, or if you don't want to change it then PM saying that so I know. If you win a choice between 2 things, I will PM you and you just have to respond with which choice you want, it's that simple!



Post Number|Prize|Winner

4|1000 points|Flavour

13|Free Name Change|Basherbelding

16|1000 points or a Free Name Change|Blood Rose

20|2000 points AND a Free Name Change|X-31 Fighter

24|1000 points|Yoshiman™

30|Free Name Change|「Flash.Bang」

36|1000 points|~Alf~

43|Free Name Change|sasuke101

49|1000 points or a Free Name Change|Yankeefan

55|1000 points|Lord_Charmander

62|1000 points|aleister.crowley666

67|1000 points|Beneath The Sky



Now, let's party!


Browa's answers to your questions:

-My favorite present would have to be the XBOX 360 I got a couple years ago. I <3 video games ^_^

-I am 20 years old today.

-Where would I most like to visit? Hmm, tough one. Probably my sister in Maryland, USA. I don't get to see her very often, so I miss her :P

-What am I doing for my B-day? Well, I work for a couple more hours, and then my roommate and I are going to go somewhere for dinner, and then I'm probably going to relax with some video games ^_^


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My favorite present? Two wittle Weimer puppies. One silver and the other blue.











Although those aren't the real pics(Need to search through my comp...) They look like that. They were so cute too ^__^


~ Fenrir, your diabolical god eating wolf.

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Alright, some pretty awesome presents so far. Video games, cash, laptops, sounds like we all get some awesome presents for our birthdays ^_^


Let's keep the posts coming, I want to give away more free stuff :P

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