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Yu-Gi-Oh GX: The Tides of Change |[BASIC] | Ended

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It has been 3 years since the events of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. And Duel Academy is normal once more, duelists come and go. Now, as a new year begins the students have been shipped to the island, things run as normal until, some students from the Slifer Red dorm seemingly go insane, they are being possessed, but by who? The Millenium Items are resurfacing!




That's right, we are having a tournament!

There are 10 places, you must PM me the deck you are using, we are not using advanced format.

However I have my own rules, read tournament rules below.

The winner will recieve something extremely special and valubale to the RP and 100 of my YCM points!

So prepare your decks, as it will being ASAP!




Tournament Lineup:

Round 1:

Poseidon -v- Matt


Jade -v- Liang


Azure -v- Mattie


Josep -v- Zarkus


Zander -v- Jacob


Round 2:



Poseidon -vs- Azure

Jade -vs- Jacob




Round 3:




Tournament Rules:

-All decks must be PM'ed to me if you wish to enter

-No deck changing during official tournament duels






-Please, not too many counter cards e.g. Sakuretsu Armor/Magic Cylinder

-If you lose, tough luck.

-No matter how much you want to win, please try and make the duel fun.

-I will be entering, and can be defeated, depends on how you duel ;)

-Good luck and have fun.

-The prize is 100 of my YCM points and an RP-only item, which will come in very handy in the RP ;)



All standard YCM RP'ing rules apply

-No-one can have a Millenium Item unless they PM me*

-No-one can have a special power unless they PM me.

-No-one can summon Duel Monsters, except of course the conroller of the Millennium Ring

-YCM cards are allowed but no OP'ed cards.

-Remember I have the last word, if I decline your app, don't neg me, I have that right.

-If anyone godmods, they recieve an RP warning, 2 warnings = kicked out of the RP.


*Not there are only seven, only one does not have a designated place in this RP, and currently that is the puzzle, this may however change



[b]Age {15-18}:[/b]
[b]Preffered Dorm:[/b]
[b]Bio: (Optional)[/b]


My App:


Poseidon Yamato






Age {15-18}:






Preffered Dorm:

Obelisk Blue






When young he had a very happy life, learning Duel Monsters! His parents were very rich, he has always has always had a great skill with Duel Monsters and technology. He has a custom made Duel Disk. When he was young he lost his parents (who were Ex-Duelists) to a Rare Card Hunter who also stole all their Rare Cards. Out for Vengeance he swore to kill the Rare Card Hunter who killed his Parents, he tries to reach him through Dueling. He weres a blue coat similar to the Obelisk Blue coat instead of real school uniform.


Accepted Characters:




-nightwing2199-{1 WARNING}

-~Olimars~ [iNACTIVE]

-Nightmare Zarkus


-:.Untouched.: [iNACTIVE]

-Destined for Darkness [iNACTIVE]

-Pragboy1-{1 WARNING}-

-Lord JZ of the Enigma

-***Rapscallion*** [iNACTIVE]

-Omit [iNACTIVE]

-Chueco453 [iNACTIVE]

-The Tin Trooper [iNACTIVE]

-Soul Legacy


-Acenra66 [/align]

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Name: Ryo Jirai

Deck(s): Instant Synchro, Black Heroes

Age {15-18}: 17

Gender: MALE

Preffered Dorm: Obelisk Blue

Appearence: Takeru.gif

Bio: (Optional) Ryo is from a rich family who are too busy to care for him. He lives alone in a mansion, and has passed the time by mastering Duel monsters, with his younger brother, Jun. Jun recently had suddenly gone insane. Ryo has decided to enter here. He wears a black jacket, black jeans and a dark blue shirt.

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Name: Azure

Deck(s): Earthbound God, Fish OTK and Deathwing

Age {15-18}: 17

Gender: Male

Preffered Dorm: No Dorm. Like Aster Phoenix

Appearence: e7jyc2.jpg

Bio: (Optional) His parents died when he was 2, all he had was duel monsters. As he started at an incerdibly young age, he developed innmeasurable skill, now hes at DA to test himself. He doesn't wear school uniform, he wears a Blue Jacket with a White shirt inside.

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DarkAnarchist, you're a gifted RPer. It's GUARANTEED to go well =)

I'm with two familiar faces, Poseidon and Azure =D

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It starts when we have another 3+ Apps, depending on tghe circumstances ;)

~Added nightwing.


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Name:Leo Fros



Ice Shard


Age {15-18}:16


Preffered Dorm:Obelisk or Ra (Mostly Obelisk)

Appearence:Will Get.

Bio: (Optional)

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