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Reverse-Burn Deck


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Hmm. Seems weak but it may be fun to run against some of the slower decks out there.

So, by using Bad Reaction to Simoichi and Nurse Reficule the Fallen One. I can override the negative effects of Upstart Goblin, Soul Taker, Rain of Mercy, and Gift Card and try to win reduce the opponents LP to zero.


Monsters: 14


Nurse Reficule the Fallen One x3

Mystic Tomato x3

Stealth Bird x2

Mask of Darkness x2

Sangan x1

Cat of Ill omen x2


Spells: 16


Rain of Mercy x3

Allure x2

Wave-Motion Cannon x2

Level Limit Area B x1

Soul Taker x3

Upstart Goblin x3

Monster Reborn x1


Traps: 12


Bad Reaction to Simochi x3

Gift Card x3

Magical Cylinder x1

Dimension Wall x3

Crush Card Virus x1

Gravity Bind x 1



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I know Magical Cylinder and Dimension Wall are nieve' date=' but it seemed to relate to the theme of burn. :D



Magic Cylinder and Dimension Wall are fine in here. The only time they arent is when you're not using Burn.


You could lose Misfortune to get this down to 41.

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[3] Nurse Reficule the Fallen One

[3] Mystic Tomato

[3] Stealth Bird

[2] Mask of Darkness

[1] Sangan

[1] Spirit Reaper

[1] Marshmallon




[3] Wave Motion Cannon

[3] Soul Taker

[3] Upstart Goblin

[2] Allure of Darkness

[1] Level Limit - Area B

[1] Monster Reborn


[13] TRAPS


[3] Gift Card

[3] Paths of Destiny

[2] Bad Reaction to Simochi

[1] Magic Cylinder

[1] Ceasefire

[1] Gravity Bind

[1] Torrential Tribute

[1] Mirror Force

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