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My Dark Synchro Monster


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bloodshadows version is 10/10

sorry rucario but alot of errors in it. its just inverted thats not actual color and star color is just inverted but on right side you missing the effect all dark synchros have (its about special summoning them i forgot though) no gold sticker and the DARK attribute should be normal color not inverted.

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I repeat, I don't have GIMP or PHotoshop and my COmputer doesn't allow me to download/install programs from the internet. My version was made with paint.

I already read that. As soon as you posted your "My Card", I searched through your account Threads. Still, I'm surprised a Level 2 is better than me. As soon as I manage to download/install Photoshop or GIMP, I could do that.

OoC: [off-topic] Why can't Page hiders only appear in RP's?

[off-topic] Screw the OoC above.

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