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[Yangninja] Dungeon Dice Inspirate Card Replica Template

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Dungeon Dice Inspirate Card Replica Template

Dungeon Dice Inspirate Card Replica Template



Card by Yondaime


Card by Ojamortal (GiMP)




The Following People can have Full Rights on this thing for Half Price


Soul Legacy





The XCF file is now finished. Like all XCF's, they do not good as their PSD counterparts; however it still looks pretty badass. so get it No!!!!


File Type: .PSD and .XCF


Half-Rights: (FREE) You can use it in anything as long as I get credit, it is used for Non-Profit and you do not distribute it without pointing them to this thread first


Full-Rights: (100 Points) You can and use it freely for profit. Credit is not required but would be nice; however you may not claim as your own. You may not distribute it unless you get permission from me via PM or on this Thread. You also get half price of the full rights of my next Template (which i'm gonna make many more of)


anyone breaking these rules will be reg repped and other punishments shall be dealt with accordingly :(


For those of you who Already seen my other templates, you can see how I love to keep them organised so that you guys can easily edit them with no troubles.



Anyway Good Luck with your stuff!!!!!


[spoiler=People with Full Rights]




Earthbound Ojamortal





There will be no Spell/Trap card support due to the fact that Dungeon Dice Monsters do not use them.

LINK PSD: DOWNLOAD PSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LINK XCF: DOWNLOAD PSD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice stuff' date='


I'll try HR first and when I get enough, I'll buy FR



Thanks. I think you use gimp if I am correct. I'll have the XCF file up sometime today


Yeah I use GIMP. I can wait until tomorrow for the .xcf version


(I would get Photoshop, but parents say no)


Why wait when it's out now!!!!!!

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I wrote that half hour ago' date=' wasn't up.


Anyway, dloading xcf now



BTW, what fonts are used on both .psd and the .xcf (Just curious)



Cambria. Not everyone has Neo Sans or Matrix; however almost everyone here should have Cambria

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