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Damn, that's a long card name...[DISC]

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All face-up Level 6 or higher Special Summoned monsters on the field cannot declare an attack or activate their effects.


Yes, I know that there are cards with longer names, but this is also just hilariously long. Anyways, this had just come out in Raging Battle, and it seemed interesting becuase, correct me if I'm wrong here, Synchro Summons are counted as Special Summoned, no? If I'm wrong, I apologize.


Anyways, discuss.

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Are there any continuous effect synchros yet?


Anyways' date=' we all know that this card pretty much stops quite a few synchro monsters.



The only Generic Synchros that are unafected by this card are Magical android and Armory Arm. So this is a pretty good card. Also JD and DAD hate it too.


Great. I'm half way through a DAD deck and this thing comes out!


Anyway, that is really going to pin down alot of synchros and really good cards...........then along comes MST*, Heavy*, Giant Trunade, Jinzo,* etc.


*=Cards in my DAD deck, so it's like this card doesn't matter.

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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

I thought it said orgasm. O_o

Now, see, that proves that something is wrong with society.


@topic: Probably overrated. I think of it like Halfblood Chronicles' magic-stealing spell: so powerful, everyone always guards against it, and it becomes completely obsolete because of that.

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