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YCMaker making cards

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Everyone's free to do as they wish (Provided they are following the rules, of course). Someday, if YCMaker chooses to post a card or set, then he will; if not, then he won't. (Most likely not, knowing how he is.) And, if he is forced to post cards, then wouldn't all the other members of the site that don't post cards be forced to as well? And having this be enforced would kind of ruin the purpose of this site which, the last time I checked, is to have fun.

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:O Dweller is YCMaker, not Silencer.


When I was a noob' date=' I was gonna ask YCMaker for a one on one.


Then my internet crashed.


Wierd huh?


Anyway, Ycmaker should do what he feels like doing, sure he doesn't socialize much, maybe he doesn't want to? It's called free will.



Meh, I asked YCMaker for a 1 on 1. He ignored me, and now I'm forever hurt =(

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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