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What makes you "banned"?



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Why did

I didnt finish! Stupid computer! Why did I get warned! It was just a litle joke :(


PM a Mod about it; 'tis not really for the place for it.

And shrink your sig please; it takes up my whole page.


I take back that earlier comment about you shrinking my sig, Flame. I'm sorry :(


Joey, that comment wasn't directed to you, so remove that neg.

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I assume by "bad zone" you mean a high warning level. Click on the percent that's in the top right side of any of your posts, and it'll redirect you to a page where it lists why you got the warning, and how long it will last. Just don't screw up for that period of time, and the warning will drop.

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If you break the rules' date=' then you get banned.


How to get out of the bad zone: Just don't have your warning level at 100%. If you DO have some warning points, just abide by the rules and eventually it'll drop :D


Ask Hunter/any mod, they should know the answers better than I can.



Says the person that is more then violating the signature rule.


And if you rip' date=' you get banned. Perma?



Didn't I solve this ridiculous idea of a perma for stealing some pixels before I left?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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