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Funny story...

A while ago in Wc08 I was using a lulz deck(by "lulz", I mean its a deck called "Killer Needle Burn/OTK")

the only monster in my Graveyard was Killer Needle, and it was CLEARLY the top card of my Graveyard. and my opponet guessed "Elemental Hero Neos"




Fun-fact about this card:

When the opponet goes t activate this card, you can say "Wait!" then check you face-down cards, as if your going to activate something, check the opponet's Graveyard, then just go ahead and say "nevermind". There you go, just guess his card correctly.


^And dont tell me this is illeagle/cheating^

since you can CLEARLY do it in the Wc0# games, simple by holding down the A-button.

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mmm can you change DD crow to your opponent guess?


remove something from their graveyard then look at their bottom card and guess it right. I'd LOL

and it's only any good if you side it out the duel after you use it, because your opponent is going to start paying attention to that

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It's a fun card.


This card works well in Six Samurai Decks if you can catch out your opponent. They have to say a complicated name perfectly and cards such as Cunning of the Six Samurai and Enishi' date=' Shien's Chancellor can change the bottom card without having to use cards that won't benefit your deck in any other situation.[/quote']



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I am more than willing to bet a judge would rule in favour of the person who mispronounced the name. As long as the idea is agreed amongst both players.


ie, "Hammerhead" when "Hyper Hammerhead" was played earlier in the duel.


ie, "Malicious", ask "Do you mean Evil Hero - Malicious Edge or Destiny Hero - Malicious?"


I say this because someone at my locals has a speech impediment, it's kind of mean otherwise.

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