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Heroes of Tomorrow (Started)(Not Accepting)


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[spoiler=Plot]There have been many heroes, far and near. But when these saviors of our world are not needed anymore, what happens to them? They return to their normal lives. But 15 years later, a great evil is unleashed. But our heroes are now to old to help...

But their children aren't. So, now these 10 teens have to "Swim or Sink".

So, are you in?


[spoiler=Form]YCM Name:

RP Name:

Appearance (Please try to find a picture. If you do, put it in a spoiler, if not, describe yourself):



Weapons (Only up to three):

Personality (Optional):

Bio (Also Optional):



[spoiler=Mine] YCM Name: bobo

RP Name: Drew

Appearance: [spoiler=Man]89jr3pj.jpg


Gender: M

Age: 16

Weapons: Two swords

Personality: Serious (At some points), Free Willing, and Slick

Bio: (N/A)




bobo (Drew)

Red Rose Swordgirl (Jace)

galesonic (Brandon)

Force_Flex (John)

DemonX (Saruto Desa)

awesome66 (Michael)

YugiohPro (Hunter Cuttz)

SavageBumblebee590 (Lance Grant)





[spoiler=Update Edits:]

Nobody will meet me until later.

When we get to the 5th page, (everybody should meet by then), the action will really start!

"Age" added to form.

Awesome66 just joined at 8:23pm!

YugiohPro just joined at 5:48!


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YCM Name: galesonic

RP Name: Brandon

[spoiler= Appearance]




Gender: Male

Age: 16

Weapons (Only up to three): sword, 2 colt .45 pistols

Personality (Optional): incredibly, but lazy. somewhat easy-going.

Bio (Also Optional): The son of a failed expirament created in an army base. Due to Brandon's genetics, his mind was to be a fast thinking one and find a solution. He has a vast knowledge of weapons and how to use them.

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[align=center]YCM Name:Force_Flex (is this necessary?)

RP Name: John

Appearance: Short. Baggy black pants and a black beanie with a skull. dark Gray Sweatshirt with skulls on it. It's too big for him. Longish dirty blonde hair. Glasses.


Weapons (Only up to three):Knife. Spear. Lazer Knuckles/feet

Personality (Optional): Funny and wisecracking. Gets really angry at times though. Jokes around a lot. Quiet around new people

Bio (Also Optional):You'll see later in the RP.

Age: ??? 13-15?

Nobody but his parents know.


P.S. It's spelt: Tomorrow.[/align]

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Sounds fun ^^


YCM Name:Lovely Lady Duelist

RP Name: Skylar Reves

Appearance (Please try to find a picture. If you do, put it in a spoiler, if not, describe yourself: my sig


Age: 19

Weapons (Only up to three):Scythe, spiked brass knuckles,

Personality (Optional): Cheerful, outspoken

Bio (Also Optional): N/A

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Brandon was in a shooting range near his house. He picked up both of his colt .45 pistols from their holsters and spun them on his index fingers. He held the guns and fired all 12 bullets. As he finished he checked his handywork. Out of all the 12 shots, only 9 were headshots. "Damn it. I need to work harder."

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Skylar stepped out of the shadows of a large oak tree and shot toward a powerful heavy oak tree a few feet away. She drew her fist back as she reached it and thrust it forward. There was a sharp bang as the golden spike knuckled brass knuckles collided with the tree. She pulled her fist back and surveyed the tree's trunk. She had punch a large hole into the trunk. She smiled and began brushing her brass knuckles to get dirt off of them. "I really do love these brass knuckles."

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Brandon drew his sword as he set up new targets. in a split second he moved to the other side of the field. As he sheathed his sword, only 8 out of the 20 targets split in half. "I need more work. I can't fail like this. My father wouldn't be proud of me if he saw me slacking." he said as he sets up more targets for him to use.

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[align=center]John made it to the pizza parlor. No girls were there. "Man..." John said disappointingly. "Can I have 1 slice of cheese?" John asked the clerk.

"Coming right up!" The clerk responded.

"They are way to perky here," John thought to himself.

While waiting, John started playing the arcade machine in the corner of the parlor.[/align]

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Skylar moved back to her oak tree and picked up the Scythe that had been leaning against the tree. The positioned it then ran at the other oak tree. As she closed in on the tree she brought the scythe swinging across the tree. She froze and stared at the tree, then without warning a huge long cut appeared in the tree's trunk. Skylar smiled to herself and skipped back to her own oak tree. When she reached it she laided her scythe down beside the tree and sat down at the base.

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[align=center]"Your order is filled sir" The clerk said.

"Yeah yeah, hold on..." John said, wrapped in his game. "Haha! Suck it!" John screamed as he beat the game for about the billionth time. John payed the clerk, ate his pizza and began walking home.[/align]

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Brandon ran as he picked up his colt .45 pistols and started shooting random targets. He threw one of his pistols high into the air. He grabbed his sword with his free hand and continued cutting through the dummy targets. as all the targets were finished, he caught his pistol. "there we go. Now we're getting somewhere."

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[align=center]ooc: Bye. G'night.


Jace steadies the branch, takes her dagger out and picks up the one that missed. She pushes the branch so it rocks back and forth. She goes to where she stood before and she throws the daggers. Both missed.

"Dang," she mutters under her breath while she picks up her daggers. Then she puts them away and takes out her sword. She smiles.[/align]

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[align=center]ooc: And Force_Flex comes in and saves the world thread!!


As John was walking home, a man jumped out and tried to jump him from behind. John quickly turned around with his lazer knuckles and punched him in the mouth. Breaking his jaw and nearly killing him. "Don't touch me. M'kay?" John said in a perky voice. "Or I'll punch ya in the marble sack." John patted him on the head and walked away.[/align]

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