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My Tech Circle V1.0. First ever.

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Hello everybody.

This is my first ever Tech Circle V1.0 actually made from scratch by me.

First of all, I'd like to credit all the people and things that I need to credit.


E-Hero Kyle: Tech Circle Tutorial



FR is 95 points,and 47 points for the whole of July, FOR is 500 points and 250 points for July, and HR, as usual, is free.

[spoiler=HR Rights:]

Use in Showcase

No use in Shops

No use for Requests

No redistrubtion



[spoiler=FR Rights:]

Use in Showcase

Use in Shops

Use for Requests

No redistrubition without permission

150 points


[spoiler=FOR Rights:]

Use in Shops

Use for Showcase

Use for Requests

Redistribution without permission

Editing Rights

500 points (Look at July offer if you want less points)


[spoiler=FR List:]



[spoiler=FOR List:]

Nobody yet.


Have fun with it! ;)

[spoiler=Here it is:]




Buy FR for this tech circle, and get FREE FOR for my Tech Circle V.1.1!!!

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@jk233_ultimatemaster: You can pay FR if you want, I don't know what my brain did but it's just suddenly changed its mind and Im now back in action on YCM! Plus, I know you might not want to pay this, but I'm putting FOR up for 500 points (Full Ownership Rights).


@Jake Harper: Thanks, and I used Satin to get the black like effect in the Tech Circle.


Anyone up for buying? It's July tomorrow, so all will go down half price! Plus, the FOR (As mentioned above) will go to 250!!! :D

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Anyone else for my tech circle? I know it's so stupid you might as well beat me up, rob all my money and throw me in a ditch where nobodys gonna see me because people think I'm a big noob but can at LEAST more people just at LEAST look at it? I want to get popular on YCM, and I know nearly everybody on YCM hates me but I need the same respect as the big GFXers get because I'm just a big lowly stupid idiot.


Please? :cry:

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