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Code Geass: The Dark Curtain {Remake} (Started and Not Accepting)


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Code Geass: The Dark Curtain

Code Geass: The Dark Curtain




[align=center]Since the death of the tyrant Lelouch Vi Britannia the world was finally at peace. There was no strife or conflict to be seen. War seemed like a nightmare in the distant past and a new age came fourth. An age of prosperity where war was no longer was funded and seized to develop a lot of technology was lost, but new advancement came from the ashes. Medicine and new power sources are some that came from the ashes of this.


This peace could not last after several years since Lelouch’s death past was there, but there was trouble in holding the world together. The government and the Black Knights could not hold together from the struggle of power. In result they split apart into five factions with only a few countries following them. The rest of the world in fear took up arms even ancient weapons were used.


The world and everything once known will be changed from this moment fourth. Every choice you make will influence the fate of the world. How will you help? The wonder lies in the hands of only a few.





[align=center]1. No godmodding

2. Must post at least 3 or more sentences.

3. No arguing or unnecessary OOC posts.

4. Just have fun or enjoy.

5. Also you want to bare the code or geass, PM me and fill out the following form.[/align]


[align=center][spoiler=Geass Form]

RP Name:

Geass Power:

Weakness or Limitations:






Name and Last RP name:




Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options):

Knightmare Generation (up to 7):

Knightmare Armaments:

Personally Armaments:

Biography (At least 4 sentences):

Roleplay Sample:





Imperial Faction


Username: .Mirage.

Name and Last RP name: Nunnally Vi Britannia

Age: 22

Faction: Imperial Faction

Appearance: [spoiler=Image]




Knightmare Frame: [spoiler=Mark Nemo]




Knightmare Generation (up to 7): 7

Knightmare Armaments:

Heavy Sakurdite Armor

Close range light weight Katana

Ground Radar

Personally Armaments:

Hand Gun

Biography (At least 4 sentences): Once the sister of her older brother Lelouch Vi Britannia and was once involved in the battle of the world. During this battle she was able to break the curse which blinds her; she was able to break her father’s geass. Soon after the battle Lelouch was killed by the mask hero known as Zero and she became the CEO of the Black Knights. Peace was in the world for a short time until the factions broke apart then she became head of the Imperial Faction which holds the original Black Knights. In this fight her will strong that she broke what binds her legs and now she is willing to fight.




Username: .Mirage.

Name and Last RP name: Kallen Kouzuki

Age: 26

Faction: Imperial Faction

Appearance: [spoiler=Image] Kallen.jpg



Knightmare Fram : [spoiler=Guren MK-II]




Knightmare Generation (up to 7): 7

Knightmare Armaments:

Sakurdite Armor

"Hien Souga" slash harken

mounted on chest; claw arm

features "Fukusha Hadou Kikou" radiation wave unit

mounted on right arm

custom hand gun, mounts on left forearm

Personally Armaments:

Small Handgun

Small Knife

Biography (At least 4 sentences): A loyal soldier to the original Black Knights that is why she went with Nunnally of the Imperial Faction. An ace pilot of the Black Knights able to fight in a 7th Generation Knightmare and fight with the best of the best devicers around. She didn’t change much retaining the name of her real mother and holds no ties toward Britannia except by blood. She hopes the world will once become peaceful again.





Shadow Faction

[spoiler=The Dark Prince]

Username: The Dark Prince

Name and Last RP name: Nova Zone (Phantom)

Age: 18

Faction: Shadow Faction


Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options): Blazen 709

Knightmare Generation (up to 7):7

Knightmare Armaments: same as the shinkirou

Personally Armaments:

Biography (At least 4 sentences): Nova is just like Zero. He wears a mask to hide who he really is. He goes by the name of Phantom. He is known around the world. He doesn’t have an army only his Knightmare Blazen 706. Blazen in built as the same as the shinkirou but it more powerful and faster than any other knightmare.

Role-play Sample:





Username: Kordeleski

Name and Last RP name: Jay Shouheki

Age: 17

Faction: Shadow faction (or divine I haven’t decided)

[spoiler=Appearance:] one of these with his geass you can read further down he can to a small extent alter his appearance nothing you can't do with modern day items really.

unknown11.jpg his original appearance.





Knightmare Frame: Shinkirou MKII

Knightmare Generation: 7th

Knightmare Armaments: It has a katana 2 harkens and is basically jet black.

Personally Armaments: It has a float system and spherical shield along with the original prism and fire laser of its predicator

Biography: At the age of 15 Jay joined the military hoping to distinguish himself as a Britannia and move up to being a devicer. This dream quickly became a reality 8 months later he was piloting a Sutherland to aid in a delivery mission. As the men came to the destination everything they saw was lit on fire or completely destroyed. 3 of the men came out to check on the surrounding civilians finding few survivors they returned with them and offered the passage to a nearby town as they signaled for help. On their way past the ghettos the three men from earlier turn on the team and killed two other soldiers Jay was left with no choice but to eliminate them. When that was done he got out to check on the only survivor a little boy but upon looking at him he saw a red like light and passed out. He awoke several hours later with a girl in front of him she had brown hair and a bird shaped tattoo on her neck. From this point she had made him an offer.


Role-play Sample: "Well" the girl said "if I gave you power would you fulfill my proposal". "I don't know this seems stupid" was the only thing that came to mind "ok what do I have to do?" "Not much but from now on you serve my master and in return I give you this power."


RP Name: Jay shouheki


Geass Power: Space (transmutation) This ability makes Jay able to directly alter his surroundings but only what he can see. The more he uses it the more he can use it but for now it has a low battery.

Weakness or Limitations: Jay can only use it for 10 mins strait and then will need a 30 min break where he will be unable to do much. Changing multiple things will intensely deplete his energy.





Chinese Resistance Faction

[spoiler=~ Chidori-Kun]

Username: ~ Chidori-Kun


Name and Last RP name: Sungu Kim


Age: 23


Faction: Chinese Resistance Faction


Appearance: 25464anime-guy.png


Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options): Akatsuki


Knightmare Generation (up to 7): 7


Knightmare Armaments: A personalize ray of claw like lazer blades at then end of each arm. Also, Heavy Weapons such as the machine guns in the chest have been removed for wings and a hidden sword that can be released when needed.


Personally Armaments: Is a 5'th degree blackbelt in Taekwondo


Biography (At least 4 sentences):


He was the best pilot in Korea until the Chinese took over and made him the top in the Chinese infantry. He learned Chinese and Japanese and leads the top squads. He aquired his Akatsuki Knightmare when he defeated some blackknights in a skirmish. He vows to defeat Kallen, after the what the japanese have done to his home country. He is clever, always top of his class. His tactical genius some say can be compared to Lelouh (and Raito FTW!)


Roleplay Sample:IDK lol




Divine Faction


Username: YugiohPro

Name and Last RP name: Hunter Cuttz

Age: 16

Faction: Divine Faction

Appearance: 00a5bad29bc6b0_full.jpg

Knightmare Frame: R2

Knightmare Generation (up to 7): 7th Generation (Can't Remember)

Knightmare Armaments: 2 Harken Slashers, Radiant Wave Surger in left arm (Only capable of Defensive Destruction), 1 Long Range Rifle, 1 Close Range Lance. 4 Harken Booster, Integrated Float System, Land spinner Propulsion System, Integrated EM Generator.

Personally Armaments: 1 Small Katana Sword, Two smoke bombs (Reloaded constantly), 1 Pistol, and 1 Arm Blade. (Like Edward Elrics blade, only it comes from a small blade dispenser on his arm.) Has secret knife in back pocket, kept in a small sheath.

Biography (At least 4 sentences):

Hunter was a quiet kid growing up. Even to this day, he says very few words. He was one of those guys that girls drooled over because he ignored them. His first day of High School, more than 20 girls asked him out. All were rejected. Hunter never talked in class, only if he was asked to answer a question. People knew him for never missing a question. He was a strategist when it came to anything, and always thought things through before acting. This always worked out for him. At age 15, a Sophomore now in High School, everyone from Sophomore to Senior Class knew the name. He was in all Advanced Classes, already doing Senior work in Sophomore year. He was asked to attend 5 of the top colleges in the area as a Sophomore. All were rejected. He had his homework done every day, and normally some extra. At 16, now his Jr. Year, some things have happened.

Role-play Sample:

Hunter had been studying in school, sure his grades would be better now that the war was over, and that most of the stress was off. He decided to go for a walk, only to notice the new events. He couldn't hold back, and at this time there was only one thing he could do. He went to the basement of his house, telling his mom he was retrieving something for his Father. As expected from a Super genius, he pulled out a small button. He pressed the button, the ground opening up, him sliding down a large chute. When he came out he was in his armor. He walked up to the R2, his own custom edition. "It has been awhile, but I think it is finally time to take you back." He said as he ran his hand along the extremely hard armor of the Knightmare.

RP Name: "Enku" [View]

Geass Power: He can see who has Geass, and can go against the Will of Geass.

Weakness or Limitations: This is very simple, and doesn't hurt anyone, so there aren't many weaknesses. The only limitation is that this can only be used once every 2-3 Hours for 1 hour. If deactivated before-hand, then they must wait the 2-3 Hours time before activating again. If it used before-hand, it can cause the user to become blind.





Username: Otaku-sama


Name and Last RP name: Heikichi Murasame


Age: 15


Faction: Divine Faction


Appearance: Bright red hair halfway down his back tied into a ponytail, thin but strong frame, wears a red and white jumpsuit


Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options): Judicator (original)


Knightmare Generation (up to 7): 7


Knightmare Armaments: 2 High impact electromagnetic railguns (armor piercing rounds, explosive rounds and electromagnetic rounds capable) for arms, twin Tesla coils on shoulders (capable of delivering 40 kiloamps at a range of 500 metres), Super charged EMP generator (can disable all active electronic devices withing a 1 km radius, one time use per charge), Integrated Gyro Unit (two giant da Vinci style flying screws capable of flying to 8000 metres, movement by 4 rocket units), Nero Shielding System (a mobile shield system similar to the Lancelot shielding, but more contained, quicker to deploy and can be used passively at a cost of energy).


Personelle Armaments: Carries a combat knife, a hidden wrist blade, a Desert Eagle


Biography (At least 4 sentences): Heikichi was born into a rich family. He was brilliant and advanced quickly through his education. He has always shown interest in Knightmares and drew up plans for the Judicator at age 13. With his brilliance and money backing him up, he had the Empire build him the Judicator. Despite his family's protests, he joined the Imperial Army as an elite at age 14. He pilots the Judicator with skill and prowess that matches any of the most seasoned Knightmare pilot, bringing him contempt from his fellow soldiers.


Roleplay Sample: Heikichi's class was already used to their professor's habit of waking up late.

"Ok class, time to learn how to do a simple Force Push! Force Push is the most essential and useful application of the Force in combat. Now, any volunteers?"

The class was silent. Everyone knew that even though Heikichi was young, he was incredibly powerful.

"Oh c'mon guys! If no one volunteers, I'm gonna have to choose someone!"

One of the older students got the guts and walked up to the forn of the class.

"Ah here we go! Don't you worry, I'll go easy! Now make your stance!"

The student took his combat stance.

"As you can see here students, he has a solid stance. You can't knock him over easily."

Heikichi presses the student on the shoulders, but the student doesn't move.

"Now, see what the Force says about his stance!"

Heikichi took as stance in front of the student and made a pushing action that sent the student flying into the opposite wall.

"Oops, still a bit too much..."




African Faction


Rebel Faction

[spoiler=The Omega]

Username: The Omega

Name and Last RP name: Kurokawa Kaito

Age: 19

Faction: Rebel Fraction

Appearance: http://www.freewebs.com/pinkashes/red%20hair%20guy.jpg

Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options): Akatsuki

Knightmare Generation (up to 7): 7

Knightmare Armaments:

Personally Armaments:

Biography (At least 4 sentences):

Blair was one of the Japanese kids who watched as Lelouch died, he had respected him, out of the other Japanese. Why? He just had a feeling that he was a hero, and as he grew, he never liked the peace around him. His parents died of a disease when he was 13, and he was quiet ever since then.


Role-play Sample:


Kurokawa walked across the base, and into storage. He turned on the lights and looked at the beauty before him...the Akatsuki, one he had remodeled himself. He sighed, and looked at the machine, and walked to it. "It's been a long time..." He said to himself, and went inside the large robotic-like machine. "Akatsuki...on!"


RP Name: Kurokawa Kaito

Geass Power: Able to suspend a subejctive sense of time of everyone in range (Like Rolo's)

Weakness or Limitations: (Like Rolo's) Rolo's ability causes his heart stops as he uses it, allowing him to use his geass in short bursts but unlike Rolo's his is more advance, allowing him to slow his heart instead of stopping it everytime.




[spoiler=Lelouch Lamperouge]

Username: Lelouch Lamperouge

Name and Last RP name: Akirei Rua

Age: 19

Faction: Rebel Faction







Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options):N/a

Knightmare Generation (up to 7):N/a

Knightmare Armaments: n/a

Personally Armaments: No idea what I suppose to put here but;

Wields a heavy armor sword.

Trained in bashido blade technique by his father, a great warrior of Britannia.

Biography (At least 4 sentences): Kay, I thought this was faction but w/e:

Akirei grew up in war, he did not know happiness, his father had him trained in the arts of war training him how to handle a big weapon and close combat moves, he was planning on teaching him how to use a nightmare frame but his father died at war. Akirei trained and prepared for battle, but one day he heard the war was over, he heard the demon Lelouch was dead, and that day he was hit by an orb of light, that day he gained his geass. Soon after he was hit, he did not know he had geass, but he finally experienced peace. The feeling was good he vowed for the peace to never end and that he would protect peace with his life. When he discovered he had geass, he thought he stood a chance, and he would combine his skills and his geass to maintain peace.

Role-play Sample:


RP Name: (Is this geass name or character name ethier way, I'll do both)

Character name: Akirei Rua

Geass Name:Soul thunder.

Geass Power:Strikes a thunder attack into the foe, which seems to lower their very own fighting spirit.

Weakness or Limitations:Very quickly becomes over-used, if used for more than 10 secounds could over power causes insanity ect.

Cannot be used on those with geass.







I shall keep some apps here, but once we start I shall remove any old people who don't post.

I shall keep some apps here, but once we start I shall remove any old people who don't post.

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I hope you dont mind that Im using a similar app to another RP, I'll glady change it at your request.



User Name: Nightmare Zarkus


Geass Power and Eye it resides in: His left eye allows him complete control over his own free will. No form of mind or sensory control, Geass or otherwise, can affect him. The ultimate defensive Geass. In his right eye, it allows him to telepathically communicate with people under its "spell", allowing him to give orders long range, or even read their thoughts. He can even see through the eyes of the people he's used this on. It doesnt require consent. Can mix and match his abilities.

Weakness and Limitation: None in his left eye, but his right eye requires eye contact at some point.



RP age: 30

RP Name: Zarkus Syuren

Faction: Glory Faction



Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options): A Vincent Ward fitted for speed above all else. Fittingly colored red, as its 3 times faster then the average one. Lacks overall firepower however.

Knightmare Generation (up to 7): I forget. I think 6 or 7 >_>

Knightmare Armaments: 2 Maser Vibration Swords incase he ever has to engage in battle, although his is fitted for running above all else

Personal Armaments: A katana given to him by his Uncle.

Bio at least 6 sentences: Zarkus was the illegitimate son of a Britannian prince. Has always been a highly person, usually able to best others in thought games. Obtained his Geass from a mysterious individual who referred to himself as S.S. at the age of 13, he has honed his abilities to a large extent. Although politically independent, he shares ideals with the Glory Faction and aims to keep peace by any means neccesary.

RP Sample (Must be atleast 5 sentences): Zarkus got up from his chair, and looked over at the mysterious man.

"You must be aware of my abilities" he said with his Geass turned on. "as you are wearing those dark sunglasses."

The man simply looked at him. "I have... been around. I know your Geass would allow you to look directly into my mind." the man said in a deep, obviously synthetic voice

"Unfortunately..." Zarkus said with a grin. "...sunglasses wont prevent anything!"

Why you should be picked: Geass fan.


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Sorry >_> didn't really describe them here is a quick description.



~Remember people, who have Geass, you cannot start off with your power. I shall give Geass to people throughout the RP to continue the plot.

~Flight systems are also not at the start of the RP as it was the so called ‘lost technology’ in the plot, but don’t worry it will come shortly.

~Okay here is the role of each faction as I saw no one ask about it, so the Imperial Faction is the formal Black Knights with old members with their territory spanning from all of North America to the Caribbean islands. Then next the Divine Faction is the science team of the UFN and the Black Knights with some of its members knowing the power of Geass. Next is the Rebel Faction which is what they are Rebels who resist and fight most other factions. Then the Chinese Residences with numbers which challenge the world and yet they remain neutral controlling the entire continent of Asia. Now for one of the most interesting factions the Shadow Faction are people who don’t just leap into battle, but study their doe for a good period of time. Mostly made up of assassins and spies who run the underground and black market of most of the world.

~Also remember only 3 or more sentences please.

~Now any questions please PM and I will settle it out.

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I will pm my Geass form soon.




Name and Last RP name: Davon Darlock



Imperial Faction

[spoiler= Appearance:]




Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options):

[spoiler= Zangetsu X]




green instead of black

Knightmare Generation (up to 7):6

Knightmare Armaments:

Grappling hooks attacked to its hands and feat.

1 Katana short range combat.0

1 shields attached to his fore arm if he holds it close to the Mech it will cover the torso, not the arms or head.

Chest-mounted machine gun turrets × 2

Advanced movement system(used for more precise and fast movements, but causes more heat and stress on the mech body)


object collision detection( any bullets or object projectiles will be detected by the system, but any lasers will will get past.)

Personally Armaments:

Handgun 9mm

Biography (At least 4 sentences):

Davon is a interesting person he will protect his allies, but he will not kill his enemy unless it is the last resort. he acquires information quickly when he is integrating someone, because he loves to mess with them. making them want to end the integration. Causing them to slip up, under the stress. he joined up in the Imperial Faction, as a political move for his father. he wanted to join in the battle, because he always like a challenge.his father hopes to that his sun will be a war hero and get him popularity in the government.


Roleplay Sample:

you already know how i RP, i will do better at making my post longer.


King Davon pulled out his sword' date=' damn clashed with his brother,David,

David contacted Davon,"Davon you rule as king ends here.".

"Brother you will die here, you know the truth but you still fight against me."

"There is no knead to fight in this war."

both of them started clashing energy swords. using there wings as shields. Davon used grappling hooks on his feat to hook on to a tree and quickly pulled him self in.


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RP Name: Akatsuki (Zhenrau) Rihau

Geass Power: Ability to possess someone's soul for ~3 minutes. No need for direct eye contact.

Weakness or Limitations: The face must be known to the user, the user is not aware of the the user's body. The Geass stops if the user is under life-threatening conditions. Can only be used on 1 person once.

Username: Voltaic

Name and Last RP name:Akatsuki (Zhenrau) Rihau

Age: 17

Faction:Chinese Resistance

Knightmare Frame (Optional also rest for knightmare options): Vincent - VXK 003

Knightmare Generation (up to 7): 7

Knightmare Armaments: 2 Sabres, Flight Enabled, Radiation Cannon

Personally Armaments:Gun, Throwing Knives

Biography (At least 4 sentences):

A mix blooded Japanese - Chinese by birth, leader in the Communist revolution in the Chinese Federation. He is gaining some support among the people, and plans to use the conquered territories of China as feed into his army. Including many of the Chinese Resistance Factions. He frequently goes to Japan for Sakuradite deals from his sponsers, goes by the name of Akatsuki.

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yes rp sample.



Sosnoweic thought drearily' date=' two days... that's little time to get permission from the government, then to board a plane and travel half way around the world? Meh, I would wonder what Byelsko would think, as he boarded a train for Beijing.


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