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This is my club. Hope you get in.


1:No cussing of any kind

2:No put-downs

3:No Arguing

Ill think of more later


If any rule is broken you will be kicked out for good.


How to join:

Ask and hope to get in


If you are rejected, you must wait 1 month before re-aplying. No exceptions or bribes. If you post w/o being in the club (unless asking to get in), you will be reported and negged.


So, have a good time.


Also, im pretty easygoing (usually) so you will probably get in.




Crystal Beast123


Anime-Manga Lover



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Guest Supreme Gamesmaster

For the record, it's pretty hard to get people to join a pointless club.


Come up with some theme, at least. Then maybe the Darknuts will be able to save this thing.

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