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yugioh holograms


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i love the abridged series...ive seen all 40 episodes....but u have to admit...it would be pretty sweet...and maybe in a few years we would have them and holograms of pokemon that you could train and evolve and have pokeballs for...that would be sooooo SWEET

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i think we have the technology at r disposal but like yo said no one wood use it on a card game...but it would be FREAKING AWSOME...lol


Where? ;)


Like said above, there are plenty of areas where this world would need to spend its money, and a card game is not one of them... Sadly, sports seem to be =/

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Remember The Card Generators? Konami Produced? The Duel Terminal ...

I remember When I went to the convention, Someone asked a question from the crowd Similar to this but in japanese, "Daro? soko ni ...de aru, a genjitsu shugi no dejitaru kaado hatsudenki?"
which translates : Will there be a realistic digital card simulator?

And The Producers responded: Hai, shikashi sore wa daro motte iku sukoshi jidai ...ni tateru.
In English: Yes, There will be, but it will take some time to build...

So I guessing they are going to make one...

BTW if your not familiar with the Duel Terminial Check this video


and heres a demonstration of it
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