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[Obsidian] DBZ Promotion Duel Flash


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*Made using Yangninja's Duel Engine.

*I am a Beta-Tester. I have Yangninja's permission to display my work.


I decided to make this into a flash to promote my DBZ Series in Pop Culture. I also included a little spoiler (Watch it and you'll see. I'll give the first person to guess what it's for a Rep.) and it has the most Epic ending ever.



- My 2 custom characters, Josh (Guile look alike) and Damian (The other dude)

- Custom cards from my DBZ Series 1 set and an older set of mine known as Nashach Bare'ach along with already existing cards.


To use:

- Visit the following link.

- To proceed with the flash, click the arrow in the bottom right corner to progress each move. The flash is on a loop. So if you click the Arrow after the final turn, the flash will start over.


The flash contains 37 Frames.




FYI, this is my first flash...ANYTHING ever.

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you and jk233_ultimatemaster have done a pretty impressive job.

The only thing I could have suggested is that if you wanted to use the glower for your ultimate monster.


Apart from that all of you are getting the YCFDS


Well, the Ultimate Monsters of the decks weren't played. Stardust Dragon wasn't the ultimate monster. Actually, I was going to use the glow when the Destructo Disk card was played. But I decided not to.

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