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My HQ Booster Box Template

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Hi, this is EHK bringing you my latest HQ Booster Box template brought to you by ~EHK~ Productions



This template is PSD formatted so this template's styles and effects only works on PS but can also be opened in GIMP.







  • With Text And Bars Properly Formatted And Stylized
  • Bars & Text embedded with the proper pattern and effect
  • With sparkles added
  • With complete and proper logos
  • Organized Layers in folders
  • Complete with my Tech Circle V8
  • Render Placing included
  • Sure to make yours cool



Render: Mine (Even if you ask Blood Rose)

TC: Mine

BG: ~Chidori-kun

Logos: Mine

Inspiration: Yondaime




HR (Half Rights) Free: No use in shops, credit must be given, cannot be redistributed in any ways, no use in request as template, cannot be used in other forums except YCM, cannot claim as own.


FR (Full Rights) 250pts: Use in shops approved, credit is not required, cannot be redistributed in any way, no use in request as template,cannot be used in other forums except YCM, cannot claim as own.


FOR (Full Ownership Rights) 2000pts: Can use in shops, credit not required, can be redistributed anytime anywhere, can be used in request as template, can be used anywhere, must no claim as own (You may claim as your own but you cannot say you made it)


[spoiler=People With HR]

Akiza Izayoi


Earthbound Ojamortal!



Darth Duelist









[spoiler=People With FR]

† Neon †




[spoiler=People With FOR]





[spoiler=You must state/post here that you will use this, anyone who won't will receive 3 negs]

[spoiler=The Link]

http://www.mediafire.com/file/nyzhmnnmzg1/Booster Box2.psd






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