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it was decided that pots go:



and jars go:




i mean seriously, just look at the faces. you gotta agree.

the former is like a fatguy laugh that got garbled by his choking a bagel.

the latter is like a loud screamy rawr thats way too toothy and tonguey.

i mean, seriously, disagree that this guy:







dude, this topic worked like a charm:

SynchroDuelist (43) - Last updated Yesterday, 10:07 PM


Positive (+1): SO Tempting..............so yeah

Armadilloz (50) - Last updated Yesterday, 09:43 PM


Negative (-1): 42 AGAIN! so ha

Nazello (-180) - Last updated Yesterday, 09:42 PM


Positive (+1): NO MOAR 42!


got to 43 ^.^

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