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FIXED* Get attacked during your own turn


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The idea is to force your opponent to do stupid attacks. Say they have a powerful monster and you have a face-up Wall of Illusion. They wouldn't be dumb enough to attack it with their powerful monster, so you can make them.

You could also set a trap or monster and not have to wait to use it, so your opponent will be less prepared to stop it.

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This card doesn't make sense to me' date=' I'm sorry.


Why would you want to be attacked on your own turn? Not unless you have a killer effect that activates, then I see using this card.



That's the idea exactly. Maybe a flip effect or a trap card you don't want to wait for. Force them to attack something that has a high DEF, or will automatically destroy them or something (since there's alimit to the number of times a monster can attack but there's no limit to how many times a monster can be attacked.


It's not the be-all-end-all, but I like it.

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