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Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Mat Template!

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So, I Made a Mat From Scratch ( Apart from the Card Backs/ BG, I Recolored Them though ), Here it is:


^Made in Gimp^

( Renders = BR )


So i Decided to make a Template for it:

[spoiler=The PSD!]

[spoiler=Here it is]







HR: Free! Must Credit, Can Use in Shops, Cant Sell, Blahdy blahdy Blah.

FR: 190 points ( Friends: 200, BR/DR/Best Friends: 100 ) Can Use in Shops, Dont have to Credit ( I Would like it though ), CANT Say its your Template, Can Sell but must Give 280 points to me and 20 points to keep Yourself. BLAH BLAH BLAH!

FOR ( Full Ownership Rights ): 400 points, Can Use Anywhere on this Forum ( Shops, GFX, ect... ), BUT ONLY on this forum, can Sell and you keep all of the Money ( MUST SELL FOR 300 POINTS! ). Can say its Yours But CANT Say you made the Template ( See More on Some other Guys/ EHK Temps ).

[spoiler=People With HR/FR/FOR]


jk233_ultimatemaster ( May Move to FR or FOR













I Have a Huge Morgatage of 3000 points! : (

Plz Donate Money to me/Buy my Templates and You will probely be + Reped!

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It's a Photoshop File' date=' you can open in GIMP and PS. it Means = Photo Shop Document



Oh good, about the GIMP part, cause I have it. Kay, I'll try to figure stuff out from there.


EDIT: What is FR, HR, and FOR supposed to mean?

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