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YVD- CCT Card Submission HQ


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Guest JoshIcy

This thread will be periodically cleaned as needed.

If you wish to participate as a Duelist in the YVD-CCT submit your cards here to be converted to YVD.set files, and to be judged by the TCG members who will dictate if a card should be banned or Limited.


Please keep it limited to up to 100cards.

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[spoiler=Custom Banlist - Altyrell]Forbidden

BIRD Empire Soldier (your only tuner. might want to make a new one.)

BIRD Empire

Burn in Hell

This isn't "Magic" Christopher, LOLZ (this isn't trolling kid, LOLZ.)



Lord Whitebird of the BIRD Empire

Vincent Blackbird of the BIRD Empire (try giving it some stats.)

Whitebird Dragon of the BIRD Empire



Alexander Whitebird of the BIRD Empire

Dark Angel of the BIRD Empire

Journey to Lordship

Symbol of the BIRD Empire



Blackbird Dragon of the BIRD Empire

Blackbird Dragon of the BIRD Empire/Nightmare Mode

Lord Blackbird of the BIRD Empire

Lord Ying-Yang Bird of the Bird Empire

Skybird of the BIRD Empire

Ying-Yang Dragon God

Wrath of the Ying-Yang Dragon God

Nightmare Mode





I don't even care about the monsters. Most of them are actually hilariously overpowered. BIRD Empire Soldier Summoning two Alexanders, then sending them to the Graveyard for 2 Lord Whitebirds as potential 8000 ATK monsters? I quit reading the monsters there, really.


I looked for something good in the Spells and Traps. Really bad move.

- Bird Empire summons [up to] 5 monsters for 1000 Life Points. There is literally no way to justify that being anything close to balanced.

- Burn in Hell is a Quickplay Spell Card that takes the effect of "Raigeki" and makes it more devastating to the opponent, while also giving you an advantageous effect. Let me rephrase that: You buffed Raigeki and made it a Quickplay Spell, and want to run 3 of it in your Deck. Get out.




This is how I plan to format every user's cards. So, think carefully about what balance is. I'll remind you like this if you don't know what it's all about. :)

[spoiler=Custom Banlist - Killey]It's easier to just list whatever WASN'T deemed unlimited. >_>





Bedivere, Knight of the Arcana



Tor, Knight of the Arcana

Arcana Apprentice

Arcana Rejuvenator

Arcana Phoenix

Fallen Retrieval

Islode, Knight of the Arcana

Bors, Knight of the Arcana

Arcana Conscription

Arcana Parry





Good stuff.



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Copied from PM, for Altyrell:


"BIRD Empire Soldier moves to Unlimited.

BIRD Empire moves to Semi-Limited.

Burn in Hell remains Restricted.

This Isn't "Magic" Christopher, LOLZ moves to Unlimited.

Vincent Blackbird moves to Unlimited."


I'm kind of in a bind today for time, but I'll try to do a massive update of everyone that's put up their cards soon. In short, please be patient.

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Making more isn't the point. You're supposed to post ALL of the custom cards you intend to use in the tournament, so I can devise a banlist for them. If you make more cards after I make a banlist, it kind of defeats the idea. Determining whether or not the cards are good enough to continue the set is up to you, as a cardmaker. (If you're asking me to rate how good they are, I don't really rate entire sets.)


You're there on the to-do list. I'll get to what I can when I can. >_>

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So, don't make a banlist for the ones you've already put up? >_>


Also, the others.


It's a lot easier to just put what is not unlimited for people that actually make balanced cards, so just know that anything not on your custom banlist is unlimited.





Chain Lightning



Arcane City of the Storm

Reign of the Thunder Lord







Marx Soul



Knuckles - Protector of the Emerald




Metal Sonic


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Yeah, I went over all of them. It would probably be a lot easier (and less game-annoyingly) if you changed those Supers that "go to your Extra Deck at the beginning of the duel" to being actual Synchros. The way they are now, it essentially makes your Deck minimum [40 - The number of Extra Deck Jumping Supers]. A potential 25-card deck minimum? No thanks. <_<





Executus (add "Once per turn" to its effect and this moves to Unlimited.)

Mayanna, the Elemental Priestess (you realize that all monsters are one of those attributes, right? also, this effect isn't once per turn. That's pretty cool.)

The 7th Seal (way too easy)

Koyaanisqatsi (YVD would not be happy with this card, and I'm not too thrilled with it)



Pantheonas, The Forever One

Demon Lord - Asmodeus the Passionat

Demon Lord - Belpheor, the Passive

Sin of Lust



Sin of Greed


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..Don't be too lazy to put a link, because I'm too lazy to comb through threads. I'm not the one posting to get my cards judged for a banlist, either. :)


I will be doing that sometime in the future, when I re-vamp my set for posting. Should I set my own banlist, or am I not to be trusted and wait for a second opinion to custom banlist my cards? >_>

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