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A Very HQ Arcane Tech Circle [Inspired To Make By Yangninja]

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[align=center]Hi there, this is EHK once again to bring you another great HQ item, this time I'm proudly presenting you my Arcane Circle inspired by Yangninja's Arcane Tech Circle



This may suck but it is HQ


If used in a booster




This Circle is available in .Png and .Psd



  • High Quality Arcane Circle
  • Stylized Glow
  • Make Sure To Make You Cool
  • Sure To Beat someone



HR (Half Rights) Free:

No use in shops, credit must be given, cannot be redistributed in any ways, no using in request (Must Provide The Link Here Instead), cannot be used in other forums except YCM, cannot claim as own.


FR (Full Rights) 250pts: Use in shops approved, credit is not required, cannot be redistributed in any way, no using in request as itself (Must Provide the Link here),cannot be used in other forums except YCM, cannot claim as own.


FOR (Full Ownership Rights) 500pts: Can use in shops, credit not required, can be redistributed anytime anywhere, can be used in request as itself, can be used anywhere, must no claim as own (You may claim as your own but you cannot say you made it)


Not following the following rights will result a neg rep and another neg if ripped.


[spoiler=People With HR]





[spoiler=People With FR]





[spoiler=People With FOR]





[spoiler=The Link]

[spoiler=DO NOT RIP!]

http://www.mediafire.com/file/y3num1we2jm/Arcane Tech.psd

[spoiler=.Png File]









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Looks awesome. May DL later.




I really like it. I might buy FOR' date=' but I've already got it on Yangninja's ATC =/. I'll definetly consider FOR :D.



Your choice


I'll try HR first then if I like it' date=' I'll go for FR/FOR.


BTW, can we use this in showcase?



Yup but credit


wow this is amazing Kyle! jawdrop.gif





I will FR

points being send^^


Thanks for purchasing

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