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$2 Bills

Felix Culpa

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Ah, now this thread is for pretty much anyone who is lucky.


Have you ever had a two dollar bill? My little brother was given one by his teacher. When he got home, I told him how uncommon those were now. The next day... (drumroll please) he spends it on a $1.50 lunch. He is ...aggrivating to say the least.


Discuss your money fails.

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Some time ago, I found a two dollar bill, and went to the store, the boosters there costed 2 dollars each. Bought the pack, no good cards. Just random cards that were common. Only rare? Brain Jacker, although, it has it's purposes, not in this Meta probably not.

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yep' date=' ive found 4 of them in my lifetime, i had 5 but i sold it on a videogame. it was [b']call of duty[/b] so it was worth it


Fail. That is not worth it.


I have like 10+ gold/silver dollar coins, so when I went to Taco Bell, I forgot about tax, so I gave them a coin. They took it. =D

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I have two of them. They're in the bottom of my closet somewhere. I never thought they were rare, or worth anything, for that matter.


I have a quarter with a hole in it though, which I treasure much more then a 2 dollar bill. xD I tried the trick with tying a string on it and your finger, then putting it in a candy machine, and then pulling it out.

It almost ripped my hand off. D<


Needless to say, I didn't get mah candy.

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Lol go on Ebay wand search '20p coin' some of the coins have no date on and are very rare one is selling for £500,000!!!!

ed95_2.JPGRare Undated 20p Twenty Pence Coin Royal Mint Error

Highly Collectable Item number: 260439839531



Starting bid: GBP 10,000.00

(approximately US $16,481.00)


Your maximum bid: GBP

Place Bid >

(Enter GBP 10,000.00 or more)



price: GBP 45,000.00

(approximately US $74,164.50)




End time: Jul-12-09 05:58:39 PDT (9 days 12 hours)

Shipping: To United States -- GBP 5.00

Royal Mail Airmail (Small Packets)

Service to United States

(more services)

Ships to: Worldwide

Item location: Sheffield, United Kingdom

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