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Japanese Card

Enma Ai

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[align=center]Please rate the card. If you spot any OCG errors please tell me.





[spoiler=Card Details]

Name: Dragon God Shao


Attribute: Earth


Level: x x x x x x x x


Effect: This card can not be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by the effect of "Hell Sworn Dragon". When this card is Special Summoned Successfully you can select 1 card on the field and reduce its ATK to 0. If the selected monster in in DEF position then it is destroyed. When this card is destroyed as a result of battle you can select 2 cards on the field and remove them from play.


Type: Dragon / Effect


ATK: 2800


DEF: 2500



Please rate. And should I add this item to my shop (Japanese Card)?[/align]

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Okay I will add them to my shop. And thanks for looking at it' date=' Also its not very OP'd if you saw "Hell Sworn Dragon" because each turn its in the graveyard you lose 600 Life Points. So it needs to be Overpowered.



That explains it, I think that's fair enough. Make more support, maybe one that negates the LP lost while Hell Sworn is in the Graveyard.

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alrighty, sorry if this gets a bit too flamy.. i dont intend to, but i have a few things to say since i kinda am an expert with the Japanese cards..


The text is overlaid with some odd stuff that looks like an attempt at holographics.. it doesnt really work. :| sorry..

the type section is too big, and it isnt set right in the brackets.

the effect isnt justified to the full length of the box.


sorry bout that, but that was my GFX side. XD


The card itself is overpowered.

ATK reduce/destruction.

RFG power for basically free.


its just a tad out there. :D


after that, it is a [6/10] card. ;)



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I like the dragon picture and the holo effect. The japanese... annoying couldn't read but awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!


(yes i know there's a translation)


10/10 for the card


But realistically 9.4/10

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