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how do shops work



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Well, to make a shop, you need to be able to make things or have people work in the shop who can make things as well. Look at a shop as an example.


TO send things, copy the code for an image and post it in a code box.

[code*]Image Code Goes Here[/*code]

(Remove stars)

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Start off by finding a shop that happens to make an item that you are interested. It should have the price and an example on the Main Post. If you like that item, ask them to make you one. Check regularly unless they send you a PM with your order. Then pay the ammount of points either asked by the maker or the price on the Main Post.


Say you want to order a Holo for your card. Go to a shop and post your card. Ask if you can get a holo done for it (in the same post). They should do the holo annd either post it there or send you a PM. Then pay, lets say 2 points fot the holo.

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