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New OCG Card


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the bottom of the image border is blurry

and something is also wrong with the backround of thte area with the ATk and DEF


The ATK and DEF are blurry because they were copied an pasted from a japanese yugioh card. =D


And I know the bottom border is blurry, I'm working on the v1.2 template for it.

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you said you made everything there yourself <_<


yet' date=' you ripped the block with the ATK & DEF of an existing card...



You fail to know what ripping is.



If you look at an original OCG card, the block is different.


1. It has numbers already on it.

2. 90% of the block isn't orange. It has some lighter oranges in it.

3. It's fu**ing smaller than this one.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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