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Dark Synchro (New changes, more black now)

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Yes, I'm posting a new Dark Synchro. It's made in GIMP, as usual


I'm only posting Frozen Fitzgerald for a practice with a new idea. I made this one more black, like the Wikia ones.






Just comment on the color. Should I lighten the coloration or is it just fine? I already know that the text is hard to see so don't quote me on that. I'll lighten it up next time.


Rate it, love it, Cnc, critique, but no flaming!

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Ok, so, NEVER desaturate. You have to add just a little color. Try to not desaturate it too much, but raise saturation up from around 10-20 and set the hue until you have a color like this. =D




P.S. Don't EVER mess with lighting, it's actually perfect where it is. =D

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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