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[JG] The Midnight Legacy - A Fanfic by JG - Chapter 1 added! [JG]


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The Midnight Legacy

The Midnight Legacy


That's right, I'm writing another fanfic! And this one I will continue, even if I take a break every now and then.


[spoiler=The Story]



It was early morning in Neo Domino City. Only very faint rays of light from the steadily rising sun could be seen. Sirens were howling all over the city. They could be heard for miles around. Only one person could not hear them.


“Ha! I’ve escaped!” the rider of a black D-Wheel shouted. He pulled over and took off his helmet to admire his work. Now, even though he was already in the hills, several miles from the city, he could hear the sirens very clearly. And, from downtown Neo Domino City, a plume of smoke was rising steadily from a factory.


“Good work.” A voice said from behind him. Without noticing he’d pulled over at the very place he was supposed to meet his client at. “Well done. It doesn’t look like that company will be causing us any more trouble for a while.” The man, who was heavily built, came closer to the rider.


“Thank you Sir.” He said. “It wasn’t hard; they had almost no Security guarding the place, even though the rumors had reached the whole city, possibly even Satellite.”


“I’m very pleased Mr. Jiro.”


“Please sir, call me Hirako.”


“Very well Hirako, then I insist you call me Mauricio.”


“Good. Now let’s do some business.”


Mauricio chuckled. “Yes, let’s. So Hirako, how much was it we had agreed upon?”


“If I recall, it was 250,000. But my memory isn’t always good.”


“Yes, it was. But because you did such a good job, me and my colleagues have decided to give you 300,000 instead.”


“I’m sorry Mauricio, but I cannot accept that.”


“What? Why not?”


“Because I want more.” And in one swift movement his hand was in his coat pocket, out again, and pointing a gun at Mauricio’s head. His eyes widened. “Farewell, Mr. Cornélio.” He pulled the trigger. What should have been a bang was more a muffled thump as the big man hit the ground. The silencer had done its job. “Never trust a hired gun, I always say.” He chuckled. “Well, I suppose I should get rid of any evidence, but first…” He picked up the briefcase which contained all the money. “That could well be a half million dollars there.” He smiled to himself. “Now for the clearing.”


As he was rigging the explosives to the shack, something caught his eye. Something was gleaming in Mauricio’s pocket. He went over to examine. He swore furiously as he realised what it was. “That traitor! I should have known he’d thought up a dirty trick like that.” As he spoke those words, he heard sirens getting steadily closer to where he was. “Damn it.” He finished rigging the explosives in 20 seconds, a new record for him, and took Mauricio’s body and threw it in the shack. He considered if he should just blow it up immediately, or if he should do it more strategically. In the end he decided to do the latter. His pitch black hair was glistening with sweat now, because this was turning into one the most pressurised moments of his career. “Alright, and now out of here. Fast.”


He got on his equally black D-wheel and started the engine. Within seconds he was away. “I'm going up that hill; it should be a nice point to pull the ignition.” He arrived on the hilltop just in time. 3 Security D-wheels had just arrived at the shack. “Wait ‘till they’re all inside, wait ‘till they’re all inside...” But as he heard one of the Securities shout, he pressed the button once. “They must have found the body.” The other two ran inside quickly. He pushed the button a second time. He quickly pulled out his gun and fired six, silent shots into the tires of the 3 D-wheels. He pushed the button a third time.


A deafening blast sounded all around the hill-scattered landscape. As a huge flock of birds emerged screeching from the trees, he got on his D-wheel to ride down to examine. Then he realised that part of the road had caved in due to the blast. “Screw that, there are other ways.” He muttered as he reversed a bit, right up to the rock wall on the other side of the road. “Alright, let’s hope a V8 engine is enough!” he shouted as he revved his engine. Then, without warning, he released the brakes and floored the gas; his D-wheel rocketed forward, off the edge. It landed rather roughly just in front of the shack. He slammed the brakes hard. The tires stopped, but reluctantly. He really hoped that the brakes held up. “Surely someone must have heard that blast; they’ll be sending someone up any minute now. Anyways, no-one survived that, I can see that from here. So let’s get out of here.”


Next thing he knew, he was speeding down the highway towards Satellite, a black shadow in the twilight...



[spoiler=Chapter 1 - Reality]

Chapter 1 - Reality

“Yet all that was 6 months ago. Now I’m stuck in this dump of a crevice. I don’t know how it all happened… A simple mistake and it was over.” Hirako punched the solid rock wall in anger. He didn’t know how, but suddenly, after 3 months of peace, he had suddenly thought of that dreadful day again. He looked up. All he could see was the faint streak of light from the top. He sighed. “And up there people have probably already forgotten all about me. They’re just continuing with everyday life as usual.” He stood up and walked over to the rather trashed remains of his D-wheel. He took one of the pieces and placed it over his favourite spot in the crevice. “It’s the only useful spot too.” Now all he could do was wait. And wait. And wait. “Oh well, might as well go look for some food.” He thought.


People often threw food down this hole, although Hirako didn’t know why. Probably something about luck he had convinced himself over the months. “For me.” he smirked. At least he wasn’t starving, but he wasn’t what you’d call well-fed either. He was thin to begin with; now he was pure skin and bones. His face lit up. “God, someone could have thrown an entire restaurant down here!” he thought as he saw a huge pile of food near the other end of the crevice. “At least I won’t starve for a few weeks now, as long as it doesn’t rot.” As he was picked the food up, he heard a tremendous blast from behind him. He didn’t even move, it was everyday stuff for him. Once every day, he would place something of a noticeable size onto that spot. He didn’t know what it was, but at some time each day, it blasted a jet of gas up into the air. He was almost certain that the blast could be heard in the city, and if he placed something on top, it would be fired up, away from the crevice. He hoped someone would see it, and not just think that a piece rock had somehow rolled onto the geyser. But so far, nothing. He had even pretty much destroyed his D-wheel for stuff to blast out.



Meanwhile, on the surface...



“Come on Yusei, I’m sure I saw something fly up, and it wasn’t a rock!” the voice of a small child said.


“Yes Rally, I’m coming.” A much deeper voice said, it sounded like someone in his late teens.


As the two people approached the crevice, they heard another blast, and a few seconds later, something flew out.


“Well Rally, you were right.” Yusei said as he caught the thing. “Ouch!” he exclaimed as he dropped what appeared to be a D-wheel part. “That was hot!”


“Well of course you dope, the only thing down there that can blast stuff out that high are the air geysers, and they are very hot!” a new voice said.

Both turned round as a figure with orange hair approached them.


“Crow!” both Rally and Yusei shouted simultaneously.


“Hey guys!” he said in his layed-back tone. “Haven’t seen you for a while! How’ve you been?”


“We’re fine Uncle Crow!” Rally said excitedly. Even though Crow wasn’t his real uncle, Crow and Yusei were the ones who had pretty much raised him, so Yusei was his “Dad” and Crow was his “Uncle”.


“We just found something weird. A D-wheel part was blasted out of the crevice by the geysers. And I just thought of something. Remember 6 months ago when a criminal was chased by Security but lost control and plummeted down there? I wonder if...”


“Nah, it’s not possible, it almost a quarter mile down to the bottom, no-one could survive that. Unless...”’


“Unless they had a D-wheel with features like yours, Crow!” Rally broke in. “Then he could have slowed the descent and maybe survived! And people throw down food for luck, which it is... For him! If he’s still alive that is.”


“Yeah ok, I got the message.” Crow interjected. “You want me to fly down there and see if there’s anyone down there.


“Well yes...” Rally said. “But we’ll be sure to contact Security, and tell them of our suspicions, and that you’ve gone down to find out!”


“And if they won’t help?” Crow answered back, suddenly discouraged.


“Then we’ll find a way, please trust us.”


Crow sighed. “Very well. I’ll go down there. Tomorrow. I want to say goodbye to the kids first.”


“That’s ok.” Yusei told him. “Everyone will be worried, even me. Do you want us to spread the word? Then you can have an “official” descent.”


“Yeah, I would like that.”


“Good. Deal?”


“Deal.” They all said in unison.








Short but sweet. That's probably how most of the chapters will be. I'll add Character Profiles later, if wanted.


I might change hosting place to FanFiction.net later, due to the character limit on YCM, and also the better layout over there. I'll just link you to the story if I do.

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hm.. interesting. the one thing that is keeping me interested at this point would be what is so important to kill over in Neo Domino? That has me frustrated..


the main character has a sort of blood lust, which is nice. ;)


it was short, as you know already. you have an interesting writing style, im not sure if i prefer it, but it isnt bad in any case.


so far, i would give it an 8/10. you actually seem to have a plot, which is better than a lot of the fan fics here. :D

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