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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duel Sanctuary and The Yu-Gi-Oh! world (Not Accepting, Started)


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[spoiler=Plot]When you wake up in the morning, the news is on. There is a statement about a new "Duel Club". You've heard of so many that were boring and cost a lot. But you changed your mind when you heard "free".


Some Hours Later...


You arrive at the Duel Club. It is a huge dome-like building with a monorail leading to the island it is on. You enter the building, a machine says "I.D. Please". Wha? You Think Is this some kind of club? A man emerges from a door to the side. He is body guard with a pretty big build. But is kind, he says "Come with me so you can add you to the system." You follow. In the room is a camera, a computer, and another door. The man takes your picture and asks you for things like name and adress. He leads you to yet another room. All of the walls in this room were filled with things that looked like Blackberries (the phone) with the keyboard. He says, "Pick one. This is your scanner for our newer game. You enter the Yu-Gi-Oh! world and scan different creatures and cards. These can only be used in what we call "Scanist Duels". You select multiple monsters and use them in 1 on 1 battles. You can use battle gear, which are spell and trap cards." He took a breath. You select a Scanner, "You can go through to the main area now" He says. As you leave he screams, "Don't forget to choose a username when programming it!".


[spoiler=Details]-UGH... Sorry for the long plot.

-Well, here you can do regular and Scanist Duels.

-Your Scanist Deck and Regular Deck are not the same.

-You cannot use the cards from you Reg. Deck in a Scanist duel and vice versa.

-You must go to the Yu-Gi-Oh! world to get a monster or spell or trap for a scanist duel.

-You can't magically get a "Dark Magician" than a Blue Eyes, than a "Stardust Dragon" all in one post. You really can't play over powering.

-You can start with 1 level 4 or lower "Scanist Card" and 1 Deck.

-You can use made up cards as long as they are not OP.

-You may trade cards and scans. If I can get this RP going I'll sell cards in shops to use here, by that I meant scans.

-Yes, I was watching "Chaotic" because my little cousin bit me when I tryed to change the channel. That gave me the idea.

-Monsters live in tribes, usually by type and Archetype (Elemental Hero, Archfiend ETC.)

-Scanist Duels are like real fights. ATK and DEF are only miner factors.

-Unlike Chaotic the show, you must beat a monster in a Scanist Duel to scan them.

-Scanning a location is like scanning a field card.







Appearence (Prefer Images):

Duel Disk:


Deck (2 max):

Scanist Card (1 to begin with. Read rules):

Bio (Optional):




[spoiler=My App(Ex.)]

Name: Daniel Mitzuki

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Appearence (Prefer Images): picture.php?albumid=40&pictureid=177

Duel Disk: the red is green - 6ljyf0m.png

Scanner: (Replace Yellow with Dark Green) blackberry-selfridges-mobile-smart-phone.jpg

Deck (2 max): Undiscovered Mine (In Sig)

Scanist Card (1 to begin with. Read rules, write real if it is real fake if its fake.): Giant Orc (Real)

[spoiler=Scan Image]2d7bnuu.jpg


Bio (Optional):





1. All YCM rules apply

2. You can not select the same starter Scanist Card as someone else

3. No one starts with more than 1 Scanist Card

4. If you aren't activate, don't join

5. Don't be the almighty person. NO ONE is famous or well known. No one always wins. So really, no GM or Power play.



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((Accepted, and, are the what is your deck type. "Siren" archetype? Or just the name?


P.S., made the pic for the scan, you just need to think of a way to make the effect work into a 1 on 1 battle. I suggest "Gains 200 ATK and DEF for every battle gear used on this scan" or somethin.))

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((Sorry guys. Took a slight vacation ^_^ Well... At home, but still.




Daniel walked out of the room slowly. He had just finished programming his scanner. The first scan that he got to choose appeared. "Giant Ogre?" He said to himself. "That thing tires out so quick though." Daniel sighed and walked to a table. Than he noticed the smoothie bar, apparantly it was free. He grabbed one and sat. But when he sat down his elbow pressed the port button on his scanner. Before he knew it, he was in the Yu-gi-oh world! "What... The... Heck?" He asked himself as he noticed he was in a city, in the mountains! Yu-Gi-Oh monsters were walking all around him. It seemed quite odd but he seemed to have gotten use to it. Than he realized, "Where's my smoothie?"

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Raic runs to the smoothie bar.

Raic: What...was...that?

He sees a smoothie on the table and thought,

Somethings wrong... Weird.

Raic then looks at his scanner.

Raic: Is this just to hold my ID and cards... or more?

He then spots a strange button on the scanner, which he presses out of curiosity. Then, before he could remember the old saying, he disappeared with a zapping sound...

OoC: 1. do I have to be near the place MartialRocks landed at or can I be in a nearby building or something?

2. How do I get a spell which can give me CH. Counters for scan card?

3. If the answer to #1 is yes, can I go to an abandoned building with 1 or 5 Kuribohs?


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Seth programed his Scanner, "B-l-a-c-x, yea that sounds good," he thought aloud he put on his Gauntlet and walked up to a moniter and began watching a match. "You have a Challenge," his scanner buzzed. He wakled into a room and before him was a Man about 30 years of age. A voice said," Killer Krusher versus Blacx, chose your monsters," Seth chose Ayou the Blue Dragon, he chose Spark Man. Suddenly Seth was in the Hero City.

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1: Yes

2: Well, you should instead revise the effect to make it more like it was an ability in a fight.

3: Yup!))


Daniel began walking through the city a bit more. Monsters kept bumping into him and flashing a mean face. Than, "FWOOSH!" Daniel looked left and right as the dust was kicked up around him. He could hear something that sounded like an engine, and it was working overdrive. Than it all stopped. A man on a motorcycle became visible. No, not a man. A Goblin-Sort-Of-Thing.

"What 'chu doin round these parts human?" They asked.

"I-I-I was accidentaly... I just appeared..." He responded eagerly.

"Well than, names Gustaph. Yours?" They said. Many people around him were staring. Apparently this was odd in their world too.

"D-Daniel" Daniel responded.

Daniel slowly rose his scanner, hoping for a scan. It said in a robotish voice "Scan Error, scan cannot be conscious." Daniel swallowed hard.

"So, your one 'uh them players. And your were tryin' to sneak a scan. That don't work here, kid. Just be at this city's Battle Dome in an hour. Maybe you can beat me..." They responded.

Daniel was speechless. He stood there until the man left. People started clapping. "I guess I did something right." Daniel looked at his scanner, it looked like it was trying to scan. Before he knew it, a scan of the city appeared. "My first field scan..." A number that wasn't there before appeared on Daniel's scanner too. "1000 Credits" He wondered. "Might be the currency here." Daniel began walking down the streets.

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