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I see more and more Spammers everyday at YCM. I don't know about you guys, but I'd like it to stop. I've tried suggesting things in the forum to try and stop, but they were locked.


Any ideas on how we can get this to stop?


I have one (that will most likely be laughed at):

(Yes there was already a club that did this, but there were no mods and they just neged people)

We have a mod or supermod start a club that deals with anti spamming. We can get people to join and go throughout the sections and look for spammers. We report them to the club and the mod or supermod deals with them

The down side is that the mod would probably get swampped with spammers that need taking care of.


This is a question, not a suggestion.

Should I submit this or does anyone else have any other ideas?

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True, but I see what you are trying to do. Spamming IS a problem in this forum. This would be a good idea but if you suggested this we would no control over it, only mods have control. How about when we report, we get a list, listing reasons why we are reporting. If it is a reason that isnt stated just PM a mod. Anyways, if we click on SPAM, it will go to a list of spammings. It will result in a warning. If they get banned for spamming they will go on to a Spammers list and when they get unbanned (if they get unbanned) they will get a PM explaining SPAM. If they manage to get banned again and unbanned again they will get a stronger PM. If they get Perma-Banned for spamming they get removed from the list because they are no longer a problem.


Do you like?

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