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So' date=' it's like a Yugioh Arcade Game?



Yes, except with diffrent rules for diffrent game modes. Speed Duel has 3000 LP, 3 card hands, 10 card deck, 3 monster zones, and 3 spell and trap zones.


Action duels- Regular rules.

(Both require DT card.)


Tutorial- Kiaba "kindly" teaches you how to Speed Duel, and your opponent's always Joey.


Card only get- get a DT (Duel Terminal) card for $1 without any duel.

I think all modes give you 1 card, but I could be wrong.

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So how hard is it to get a Catastor out of one of these things?


Someone I talked to who went to Comic Con said that Catastor came up about 1/25 packs. That means the pull rate is probably 1/24 like the Duelist Pack Ultra Rares. Catastor will not be legal until it is mass released in the TCG.

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